Callum takes a huge risk with Ben in EastEnders

Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway may have struck a deal with the devil after entering into a business arrangement with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) in EastEnders – but will he come to regret it? After Ben noticed that all was not well with Halfway and Whitney (Shona McGarty), he decided to try and exploit Callum’s vulnerability.

As Callum opened up about his issues, Ben later presented him with a ‘one time only’ offer to help him shift motors at the car lot – something which may not be strictly legal judging by Ben’s recent actions.

But as Ben mocked Callum’s efforts to support Whitney’s business by buying a sewing machine, Callum was left struck by how much more money he needed to help her get started – and he knows she deserves his support.

Ben laid his cards on the table and invited Callum into the deal and Callum is clearly – but reluctantly – tempted. Will getting involved with Ben be his downfall as the naive lad gets in too deep?

Or is this just what he needs to make a huge gesture to Whitney?

Pictures recently revealed another secret being hidden by Callum as he is set to surreptitiously attend a memorial event, throwing mystery around what went on in the army.

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