‘Cash Cab’ Game Show Reboot Ordered By Bravo With Ben Bailey As Host

Bravo is reviving Emmy-winning game show Cash Cab, from Lion Television, an All3Media company, with original host Ben Bailey. Cash Cab begins shooting this summer and will premiere later this year.

In this series reboot set in New York City, the stakes are higher than the original, the car will be upgraded and the questions will include more for lovers of pop culture, according to Bravo.

Each episode will feature three games, and much like the original series it will all start the second the contestant enters the Cash Cab. If the passenger can answer enough questions correctly before making it to their destination, they’ll win big bucks. However, three wrong answers and they’re kicked out of the Cash Cab and back on the street. Along the way they’ll get two shout-outs – one on social media and the other via a street shout out – where the contestant can pull over and ask a stranger for help. Passengers who successfully make it to their destination can simply walk away with their money or they can play a double or nothing video bonus round, either going home incredibly happy or with nothing at all.

The original Cash Cab, part of the global Cash Cab franchise that originated in the UK, aired on Discovery Channel from 2005 to 2012. The show was revived on December 4, 2017 with new seasons airing in 2017 an 2018.

Bailey’s original show took place in New York City, with some episodes in season six set in Las Vegas. Contestants who ultimately hailed the Cash Cab were not made aware that they were part of the game until they hired the cab and Bailey informed them of the show and its rules.

Cash Cab joins Bravo’s reboot of the iconic dating series, Blind Date.

The revival is produced by Lion Television with Tony Tackaberry, Allison Corn, PJ Morrison and Stan Hsue serving as executive producers. Ben Bailey also serves as executive producer.

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