Casualty fans ‘petrified’ for Luka as they preach stranger danger in tense scene

Casualty fans were completely 'petrified' for young Luka as they preached 'stranger danger' in a tense storyline.

In Saturday night's instalment of the popular medical drama Luka was waiting to be collected after a football match, but they failed to show up to collect the young boy.

Waiting in the rain, Luka was then approached by a strange man who went by the name of Darren, who gave him money for the bus before telling him it would probably be an hour wait.

He asked him if he's like a lift to the bus stop, but Luka said his mum told him not to talk to strangers – something that Darren said was very wise.

He then used reverse psychology on the youngster in order to lure him inside his car.

Pretending to be a football scout, he told young Luka that he's got potential and wants to train him up. He then told him about his "big garden" where he could train up for an exclusive trial he'd get him into for Holby United.

In the car Darren tried to touch Luka's leg, so Luka scratched his arm and directs the steering wheel into an oncoming vehicle, in order to stop Darren from touching him.

Taken into the hospital, where Luka's mum works as a nurse, staff began to get suspicious about the mysterious man posing as a football scout.

Viewers at home were quick to comment on the tense scenes that were incredibly uncomfortable to watch, with one writing: "Step away from the coach, Luka! #Casualty."

Another then said: "Nooo Luka dont do it! Remember Stranger Danger! #Casualty."

"I’m absolutely petrified of what’s going to happen to Luka," wrote a third viewer, who later added: "Get out of the car Luka ASAP. #Casualty."

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A fourth viewer then penned: "This guy gives me the creeps omg someone save Luka."

While a fifth said: "That was disturbing #Casualty."

And then a sixth tweeted: "This guy is 100% creepy, Luka please tell someone #Casualty."

Thankfully all was fine in the end and the police turned up to arrest the predator.

Luka was then reunited with his mum and the pair went home to order fried chicken.

"Thank god Luka is safe," one viewer said on Twitter, while another penned: "Thank heavens Luka's okay."

If you're worried about a child you can call NSPCC on 0808 800 5000. Or if you're a child in need of help call Childline on 0800 1111 or talk to a counsellor online

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