Charlotte Crosby heartbroken as she leaves boyfriend to work in Australia for six weeks

CHARLOTTE Crosby has revealed she's jetted off to Australia solo for work – leaving boyfriend Liam Beaumont behind.

The ex Geordie Shore star, 31 broke the news of the "sad sad times" to fans in an Instagram Story, as they spotted she was at an airport in Tokyo.

Explaining she was waiting for her transfer flight to Australia, she responded to one fan who quizzed: "Why did Liam not come with you?"

Charlotte, who starred in the Aussie version of I'm A Celeb, replied: "As you can imagine Aus is so so so so strict at the moment.

"They aren't even accepting tourist visas!

"I have work so I have a special work visa but Liam couldn't get a visa as he wouldn't be working there," followed by a series of crying Emoji faces.

The Just Tattoo Of Us host added of her temporary separation from the videographer: "Sad sad sad times.

"Gunna miss him loads but it's gunna fly by!

"Keep imagining the moment we will be reunited again!

"LMAO I'm not even there yet and I'm already thinking about the reunion."

The reality TV star later said she was "scared" and was going to "struggle" with the two weeks of strict quarantine rules Down Under.

Charlotte then confirmed to fans how long her trip would be, and wrote: "Including the quarantine it will be around six weeks.

"Long long long time."

She joked she was going to transform her hotel room into a "mini bootcamp" having booked out PT sessions online and arranging to rent a treadmill.

In April, Charlotte revealed her plans to re-locate to Australia.

She recently told Who magazine: "I think I will live in Australia in about 10 to 12 years.

"I have two online businesses that I started about two years ago and I want to get them to the point where I can sell them for a lot of money and I think I'll give myself a 10 year limit for that so it's all based around that."

The telly star knows the country very well as she's filmed The Charlotte Show, Geordie Shore.

The northern lass became a huge hit in the jungle with Aussie viewers and even struck up a romance with Married At First Sight star Ryan Gallagher.

Charlotte has thought long and hard about where she would like to settle down and replied: "Gold Coast!

"Absolutely bloody gorgeous, can't even think about it because it gets us so excited!"

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