Charlotte Hawkins furious as GMB co-star ‘breaks’ social distancing rules: ‘Not cheating!’

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Charlotte Hawkins, 45, showed Good Morning Britain viewers a picture of a couple in a Barcelona care home who were sharing a kiss with a sheet of plastic between them and both wearing a face mask. The ITV presenter was warmed by the image, with people all over the globe adjusting to life in light of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Adil, 46, wanted to make a joke of the matter and as he moved closer to his co-star, she visibly tried to stop him from breaking the social distancing rules.

Commenting on the picture, Charlotte said: “There’s nothing wrong in that!” which seemed to give her co-star an idea.

“It’s not even cheating!” Adil chimed before picking up a big roll of toilet paper from the floor before walking over to his co-host.

“We’ve got a roll of plastic here Charlotte,” he explained with the presenter holding up her hand to stop him coming any closer to her.

“It looks like a roll of bin bags,” she remarked and her colleague quickly ended the joke by taking his seat as he realised she was not impressed.

Despite the awkwardness, the mother-of-one concluded the segment and carried on with the rest of the show.


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