Christine Lampard cringes as Lorraine guest Simon Amstell slams daytime TV and savages Loose Women in awkward interview

CHRISTINE Lampard was left cringing as Lorraine guest Simon Amstell awkwardly slammed daytime TV just seconds into his interview on the show.

The 41-year-old comic then lashed out at fellow ITV show Loose Women in his attempt to backtrack, before accusing the host of trying to "dethrone" Lorraine Kelly.

The star was on the morning show to promote his new comedy tour, with Christine standing in for usual host Lorraine while she is on her summer break.

Kicking off the interview, she said to Simon: "It's been such a tough time for so many people, but obviously performers haven't been able to get out and do what they do."

Simon replied: "It's been terrible business, I've had to just be sat at home watching awful daytime TV for most of it."

The presenter grimaced as she gasped: "Excuse me?? Clearly not this show."

I've had to just be sat at home watching awful daytime TV.

The comedy legend quickly realised his mistake, and corrected: "Not this, but Loose Women – that kind of thing", to which Christine exclaimed: "No! Don't go there!"

Simon savagely continued: "I love Loose Women… It's very modern now. Remember when it was just white women? But they've really figured it out, finally… It was a different time, 2016.

"Anyway! How are you? Anything you want to talk about?"

As the chat went on, it got even more awkward – with Simon returning to his Popworld interview roots as he turned the tables to quiz Christine.

Are you planning to take over from this woman?

Referencing Lorraine, he asked: "Are you planning to take over from this woman?"

While Christine giggled and reinforced that she was just the summer stand-in, Simon later joked again about her trying to "dethrone Lorraine".

He then moved onto Christine's marriage with football icon Frank Lampard, asking if he does the washing up at home.

Viewers at home found the entire exchange hysterical, and flocked to Twitter to share their reaction.

One wrote: "Simon Amstell is a proper treat for the eyes and ears this morning. Brilliant."

Another giggled: "This is brilliant. @clbleakley is handling Simon so well. So, so funny."

A third shared: "So good to see Simon, deffo has the funny gift."

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