Clara Amfo leaves The One Show viewers ‘distracted’ by ‘strange’ habit

The One Show: Clara Amfo and Ronan Keating host show

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On Friday’s The One Show, BBC hosts Clara and Ronan Keating welcomed their guests onto the show. Throughout the half an hour programme, the duo spoke with Wim Hof, Professor Green and Emeli Sande about their latest projects. However, just minutes into the programme, viewers became distracted by how Clara was sitting on the sofa.

Discussing what viewers could expect from the show, Ronan began: “On tonight’s show, we have a brilliant mix of people to spend the evening with including tech billionaire Bill Gates, who’ll be telling us his plan to prevent a future pandemic.”

“And 15-year-old Dylan from Wales, who is protecting the UK National Wildlife emblem the hedgehog,” Clara chipped in.

Ronan continued: “Yes, plus the star of the incredible new BBC series Freeze the Fear, the Iceman himself, Wim Hof is here with one of the celebrity prodigies, Professor Green.”

The Radio 1 DJ added: “And if that wasn’t enough for you also joining us is a man that we first met in the smashing show Airport back in the day.”

As they played a clip from Airport, Clara continued: “He was charming customers in check-in… there he is… running operations on the ground, keeping the planes on time and the cabin crew sweet.

“It is of course Jeremy Spake and Jeremy is back on our screens for a new series at Heathrow, and he’ll be telling us all about it later on.”

The Boyzone star concluded: “And joining Jeremy in the studio is a singer who is won four BRIT Awards, sold 19 million singles and has an album that’s gone platinum eight times in the UK.

“It is of course, Emeli Sande.”

However, as the pair introduced the show, many viewers took to social media to share their thoughts on how both Ronan and Clara were sitting on the sofa.

Some believed the Radio 1 DJ was sitting in a particular way due to her outfit choice.

Tracey Davies tweeted: “#theoneshow I’m guessing Clara is afraid to move in that outfit?!”

Pickle penned: “Clara is sitting in a really really strange position #TheOneShow.”

While Sharon admitted: “Totally distracted by how they’ve chosen to sit! #TheOneShow.”

“The way they are sitting! #TheOneShow,” Alan S wrote as Sandra added: “Please advise on a suitable sitting position.”

Jerry Sadler went on to point out: “Love the casual look of the one show lately.

“The presenters look as if they’ve just wandered in after a day gardening.”

However, not all viewers were distracted by Clara’s sitting position.

Others complimented Clara and praised the presenters for being a “breath of fresh air”.

User @AdjowaNDonkor said: “Who is this absolute BEAUTY hosting the one show this evening? She’s so pretty!!! #TheOneShow.” (sic)

Nick praised: “Ooh Clara Amfo and Ronan Keating are a breath of fresh air together on #TheOneShow.” (sic)

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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