Coleen Nolan slams mystery 'diva' celeb everyone thinks is 'lovely' but is 'not very nice' behind the scenes

COLEEN Nolan has started off a real life game of 'Guess Who?' after she made some cryptic comments about a fellow celebrity.

Today the 56-year-old TV star said that someone she knows is a "diva" who everyone thinks is "lovely" but is actually "not very nice" behind-the-scenes.

Coleen is a well known face on the box, thanks to her long career in TV.

In a new interview, Coleen stressed that most of her fellow celebrities are "fabulous", but she admitted some unnamed stars can come across as divas.

Speaking to Woman's Own magazine she said: "I cannot say names because I'd be taken to court, the vast majority are fabulous.

"There's the odd one who yes, on screen, comes across as lovely and the girl-or-boy-next-door and all that, but actually behind the scenes aren't very nice."

Coleen added: "They are quite diva-ish and I find it very difficult to hide my disappointment."

This latest news comes after Coleen shockingly opened up about how she was slammed as "too fat" for prime time by cruel TV bosses.

She revealed how she was always "judged as a woman" as part of the all-girl band with her siblings.

Yet she said the comments didn't actually "harm" her and sisters Linda, Bernie, Anne and Maureen, as "there was no social media" at the time they hit peak fame.

Revealing how this would impact her career, she said her prime-time roles had gone "really well" but stressed "they [TV bosses] still can’t see past the age and whatever size I am at the time."

Speaking the latest edition of best selling author Melanie Blake’s Youtube series Girl Talk, Celebrity Big Brother star Coleen said she'd experienced telly bosses bluntly telling her: "You’re so ugly, so fat and so old."

Coleen – eager to stress her gripes are not targeted at ITV's Loose Women bosses – continued: "I think that’s the tragedy really, I am very lucky that Loose Women, whether you’re a fan or not, it’s the only show on telly that has women of all ages, all sizes, all colour.

"Outside of that, because sometimes people go ‘it’s obviously not sexist because you’re on telly every day’ – yeah but from half 12 to half 1.

"But name anyone my age in primetime co-hosting a show, you just don’t see it and I think that’s really sad."


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