Coronation Street fans convinced Faye Windass will finally be caught after HUGE murder evidence mistake

CORRIE fans think they know how Faye Windass and Emma Brooker will be caught for their role in Ted’s death after Faye mowed him down during a driving lesson. 

Viewers of the long-running ITV soap have turned Miss Marple this week, certain they’ve figured out the way the pair’s involvement in Ted’s death will be blown out of the water.  

Faye was at the wheel of her driving instructor Emma’s motor when she accidentally knocked down Ted.

Although he appeared to be fine in the moment – actually only really worried about whether the biscuits he was carrying had survived the smash – Faye and Emma later paid the old man a visit at home, where he died in an armchair. 

Now fans are certain they’ve spotted a vital clue. Before Ted bit the dust, Faye had gone into the kitchen to fix him a cuppa, but when she was making it one of her false nails came off.  

And they’re convinced it’s the errant nail that’ll give the girls away – well, Faye, at least. 

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "And I assume Faye’s lost finger nail down the plug factors in somewhere??”

"Her nail was in the sink”, said a second. 

A third penned: "Is someone really gonna find Faye’s fake nail in the sink?” 

"They didn't retrieve Faye's nail from his sink though," a fourth joined in with. 

While a fifth added: "Not all evidence. Faye dropped false nail down kitchen sink”.

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The gaffe comes after Corrie viewers were sure they’d worked out a major twist in the wake of Ted’s death that could see Emma reunited with her ex Curtis Delmere. 

After it was revealed Curtis had told a string of lies, including one about a dangerous heart condition, fans thought it was possible he was actually Ted’s grandson John. 

On Twitter, one asked: "Is Curtis going to be the grandson they keep mentioning?”

"Just a thought – will Ted's grandson turn out to be Curtis??” questioned another. 

Coronation Street boss Iain Macleod recently disclosed that Emma and Faye were in for a "cataclysmic event". 

He said: "In terms to start the new year where we mean to go on, it takes a much worse turn for Emma and Faye. There is a cataclysmic event that’s not their fault but it’s a dilemma of secrecy and cover ups”.

He added: "Two likeable women are out of their depths and the consequences are life changing. The scripts are exciting and complicated – and funny as Emma is hapless. It’s quirky but at the bottom of it, it will trigger a seismic event of their lives”. 

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