Coronation Street fans convinced Leanne and Steve will get back together over son's heartbreaking illness

CORRIE fans are convinced that Leanne and Steve will get back together over their son Oliver’s heartbreaking illness. 

The former flames have been left devastated over their little boy’s diagnosis which has also put huge strain on Leanne and her husband Nick Tilsley’s relationship.

Old flames Steve McDonald and Leanne Battersby are getting closer as they both struggle with Oliver’s heartbreaking Mitochondrial disease diagnosis.

Corrie viewers watched as Steve struggled with the overwhelming enormity of his son's illness and what that means. 

Leanne was on hand to support him, telling him if they ever need to shout, they can shout at one another.

Seeing the sweet moment between them, some viewers thought their former relationship could be rekindled.

Commenting on Twitter, one wrote: "Leanne and Steve getting back together then."

“If Leanne and Steve get together, does that mean Tracy will get with Nick? Cause that’ll tick Gail off,” added another. 

While a third predicted: “Steve and Leanne will sleep with each other again. Making way for Nick's ex to come back on the street. This is what it will lead to”

Viewers have watched both parents struggle to come to terms with Oliver’s illness in the wake of his diagnosis.

Last week Leanne found herself suddenly unable to talk about Oliver’s illness when an old friend asked after him. 

The grieving mum was left kicking herself and feeling overwhelmed with shame and guilt after making out that he’s doing fine.

Steve has been masking his fears and despair but in Wednesday's episode he lost it after being told the cafe was having a vegetarian day. 

Steve storms out before returning to wave around a packet of sausages.

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