Coronation Street legend Toyah Battersby to steal Abi Franklin’s baby in sinister twist?

Coronation Street: Toyah asks Nick and Leanne about Tim’s mum

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Toyah (played by Georgia Taylor) has had a lot on her hands of late on Coronation Street as she has been trying to help Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) with her drug problem as well as raising a new foster daughter. The beloved ITV soap character knows her partner Imran (Charlie De Melo) did cheat on her earlier this year but she does not yet know who it was with, although viewers have known for months. In upcoming scenes, his secret lover will believe she is pregnant with his baby and the storyline could have far-reaching consequences, especially if Toyah ends up stealing the baby.

The drama begins next week as Abi contemplates what will happen if she is pregnant as she has started to experience symptoms.

Having recently married Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell), she is worried she has jeopardised her relationship before it’s been given a chance to begin.

Knowing there is a very high chance the baby could be Imran’s, the mechanic asks him to meet her in Victoria Gardens to discuss their options.

She explains she is going to do a test and if it comes back positive, she will tell her husband everything as it’s not fair for him to be kept in the dark.

Imran is unsure of how he feels but before they have a chance to discuss it any further, they both notice Kevin has walked past them.

They are not too sure how much of the conversation he heard but his presence is enough to spook Abi and she quickly darts home.

Abi manages to spin a lie to her husband, which he falls for, as she explains she and Imran were having a row about Kelly.

However, it seems the weight of her secret is too much to bear as it’s not long before she is marching around to the Builder’s Yard flat.

Toyah buzzes her up and as he waits for Abi to enter the flat, Imran is struck with fear over what’s going to happen.

It could be at this moment the mechanic will reveal she is expecting the lawyer’s baby after they slept together a few months ago.

She can’t believe she may be pregnant

Sally Carman

At first, Toyah would be devastated to learn the identity of the woman her partner cheated on her with as he told her he didn’t know who he slept with.

This will spark a lot of drama in their relationship but as Toyah starts to lose control, she could come up with a plan.

Having always wanted a child but not able to carry one herself, she could plot to steal Abi’s baby so she and Imran can become a family.

As the pregnancy continues, the beloved character could become more and more obsessed with the mechanic as she convinces herself the baby is hers.

When the baby disappears after being born, will anyone realise it might have been Toyah who stole the child from its parents?

The actress who plays Abi, Sally, has spoken about what lies ahead for her character’s future and teased Toyah’s reaction to the news.

Sally explained why she loves this new storyline: “I love it when I get the scripts and they throw something else at Abi.

“She can’t believe she may be pregnant with Imran’s baby. It is unreal, it jeopardises everything that she is now working for.

“It reminds her that she has lost three children already, she doesn’t know if she is even capable of bringing up a child or would be allowed to bring up a child.

“What would it mean for her marriage? It is a total disaster,” she declared.

Touching on other characters’ reactions, the soap star commented: “She knows that other people will be affected if she is pregnant but for her, there is no way she is going to hide this.

“One thing she doesn’t consider is not having it, if she is pregnant she is going ahead with this pregnancy and therefore people need to know the truth.

“When she is talking to Imran in the garden she tells him that she will tell Kevin everything, she says they have gone through too much and she won’t have any more secrets.

“She even thinks that maybe she and Kevin would be able to bring the child up together,” Sally explained before moving on to Toyah.

She said: “She knows it is not for her to tell Toyah and she doesn’t want to hurt her as she is innocent in all of this.”

“She has a really tricky coded conversation with Imran, he is terrified and desperate to keep the truth from Toyah,” the actress continued.

“But with Abi determined to have the baby if she is pregnant he knows that there will be no hiding it especially if Abi tells Kevin everything.”

Only time will tell what the secret lovers will do and what this will mean for their respective relationships as they catapult into the future.

Desperate to hold on to anything which resembles a family, will Toyah really go to extreme lengths to have the baby?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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