Coronation Street shock as Carla Connor sleeps with Adam Barlow as alcoholic Peter relapses

CORONATION Street fans are in shock after Carla Connor slept with Adam Barlow as partner Peter relapsed.

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Alison King in the ITV soap – was left furious when alcoholic Peter returned to boozing and viciously taunted her to get her to leave him to it.

Storming back to the hotel she had booked for the pair of them to reconnect, she ran into Adam to whom she had gifted a lunch to with his estranged wife Sarah.

But as she ranted about Peter, Adam realised his uncle had fallen off the wagon.

He asked why she had left him alone.

“It’s not my job to fix him apparently Adam,” she said furiously. 

“And he wants rid of me and he wants rid of me so he’s got his wish. I’ll figure it out with a bottle of Malbec on a comfy hotel bed.”

With no sign of bar staff coming to serve her, Carla stormed upstairs to order room service and Adam followed.

She raged: “If you don’t learn from the past then you’re doomed to repeat it. Well not again. I’m done.”

He told her: “I know Peter’s my uncle and I know he’s not well but he’s bang out of order. You’re an amazing woman Carla.”

“Oh for God's sake shut up,” she said before opening the door and leading him inside.

She added: “It's a big bed for one."

Carla – who has been married to Peter and had a fling with his brother Daniel – has now nearly completed the Barlow set with only Ken outstanding, and fans are in shock.

One wrote: "Christ Adam & carla absolute joke cant cope."

A second said: "Are they really going to sleep together"

Another added: "Adam and Carla are disgusting. Peter is his uncle."

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