Coronation Street spoilers: Asha plots to win killer Corey's trust – as he tries to force her to sleep with him

ASHA Alahan plots to earn Corey Brent’s trust and expose him as Seb Franklin’s killer next week in Coronation Street. 

Corey and his gang of thugs carried out a vile attack which resulted in Seb’s death – but framed Kelly Neelan for the hate crime.

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Asha initially agreed to give Corey an alibi for the evening but turned on her ex after realising he was lying about his involvement in the attack.

Next week, Asha launches her mission to bring down Corey and get justice for Seb.

Nina is stunned when George reveals when Seb’s funeral is taking place, realising that Abi hasn’t told her and clearly doesn’t want her to attend.

Asha feels bad for Nina and tries to offer her support.  

Later, Asha meets up with Corey and kicks off her plan, telling him she misses him.

He falls for her act and tries to convince her to spend the afternoon with him in the empty flat upstairs.

A horrified Asha tries to wiggle her way out of the situation, telling him she hopes they can be together one day but that for now they’re better off as friends.

Corey is clearly unimpressed by Asha’s decision, but will he still open up to her about Seb’s murder?

The Corrie storyline mirrors the real world attack on Sophie Lancaster in 2007, who was kicked to death because she was dressed as a Goth.

Corrie is working with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and Sophie’s mum, Dr Sylvia Lancaster OBE, on the plot.

Coronation Street Producer Iain MacLeod said: “The issue of intolerance and hatred towards people from different cultures and subcultures is arguably more relevant now than it’s ever been. 

“This incredibly hard-hitting storyline, which centres on a senseless act of violence, will draw in characters from all corners of our narrative universe and will, we hope, leave the audience with a clear message: everyone, regardless of how they look, how they dress or any aspect of how they live their life, should be treated with tolerance and respect.”

Speaking about the aftermath of the incident, he added: “The story will run across the rest of the year and beyond, with many twists and turns, and will be heartbreaking and dramatic in equal measure. In the end, the story will see an optimistic outcome emerge from the traumatic attack.”

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