Coronation Street spoilers: Debbie Webster clashes with Abi Franklin as she returns to the cobbles

DEBBIE Webster locks horns with Abi Franklin next week in Coronation Street when she tells her not to mess her brother Kevin around.

Debbie’s arrival comes as recovering addict Abi – who suffered an overdose in 2017 and lost custody of her two youngest children as she went into rehab – is set to be tempted by drugs again in the ITV soap.

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The mechanic heads on a downward spiral after suffering a horror accident at work this week and being rushed into hospital.

And next week’s episode of Coronation Street will see Abi battle her demons again as she knocks back a slug of morphine at home after Kevin heads out to work. 

When her ex Peter calls round, Abi quickly stuffs the morphine down the side of the sofa but Peter suspects she’s up to something and asks her if she’s taken anything from the hospital. 

When Abi denies taking anything, Peter seems to believe her and leaves. 

But Abi is furious when she realises that the morphine has disappeared and storms over to the pub where she confronts Peter about stealing it. 

Later in the week, Peter calls round and tells Abi she needs to get help before things spiral out of control. 

When Peter lies to Carla about visiting Abi, Carla reminds him that Abi was in love with him not long ago and warns him to be careful. 

To make matters worse for Abi, Kevin’s sister Debbie rocks up at the house with a large suitcase. 

Debbie is clearly sceptical of Abi and doesn’t wait long to tell Abi she better not be messing her brother around. 

Later, Abi calls Peter and assures him she’ll be at the meeting later.

Debbie then offers to cook lunch, suggesting they should get to know each other better – much to Abi’s dismay. 

Abi reluctantly agrees but disappears as soon as she has eaten, leaving Debbie suspicious of her motives for dating her brother.

Are Debbie and Abi about to lock horns?

And might Debbie do some digging and stumble upon the morphine?

The Sun Online has revealed that Debbie will take a dislike to Abi’s relationship with Kevin and set about trying to save him from her clutches in the coming weeks.

A source revealed: “Abi’s tried so hard and she’s finally in a place where she has a shot at a happy life.

“But it’s all going to come tumbling down around her and her old habits start to resurface.

“Kevin’s going to have no idea what she’s going through and Abi will need to find every bit of strength she can muster to not relapse.

“Viewers are going to be left questioning whether she can do it or whether she’s a lost cause.”

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