Coronation Street spoilers: Ronnie Bailey tries to woo Jenny Connor after shock reveal from her ex Johnny

RONNIE Bailey tries to woo Jenny Connor after a huge shock reveal from her ex Johnny next week in Coronation Street. 

Jenny succumbed to her desires and slept with B&B guest Ronnie back in May while her husband Johnny was in prison for armed robbery.

She hid her affair for a number of weeks but eventually came clean at the end of the month, leading to the breakdown of their relationship. 

Next week, Jenny is jealous when she hears that Ronnie had lunch with Debbie and can’t help making catty remarks. 

Daisy tells Jenny that she’s fooling no one and clearly still has the hots for Ronnie. 

It hits home when Daisy tells Ronnie to make a move on Jenny before she’s snapped up by someone else. 

Later in the week, Ronnie invites Jenny out for a meal but he’s disappointed when she admits she’s preoccupied with a blocked toilet in the pub. 

Daisy insists she’ll regret turning down his offer and tells her to give him a chance. 

Jenny is shocked when Johnny turns up and gives her his blessing to go out with Ronnie. 

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The pair admit they still love each other but agree it’s time to move on. 

Has Jenny left it to late when it comes to Ronnie?

Speaking about Ronnie and Jenny’s chemistry, actress Sally Ann Matthews previously told Digital Spy: “I think she's just remembering what her life was like before all this angst.

"She can probably breathe for the first time in quite a long time. Ronnie's had an interesting background as well, and I think they find some common bonds.

"She feels like a naughty teenager and I think it is that – remembering what it was like to feel excited by somebody and that it's kind of carefree, certainly problem free and trouble free.

"She's put up and accepted a lot because she loves him, and I think it's just been adding and adding and adding and this latest stint in prison with the medication has been pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back in a way."

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