Coronation Street theory: Trouble for Phill Whittaker as ex-wife storms onto the cobbles

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After Fiz (played by Jennie McAlpine) was ambushed by Phill’s (Jamie Kenna) friend, who was on the prosecution team for John Stape (Graeme Hawley) and questioned by colleague Michael Bailey (Ryan Russel), she began to feel overwhelmed. Phil swooped in a reassured her that despite her past, he still loved her and wasn’t going to let it affect their relationship. However, their happiness may not last as Phill’s ex-wife could end up storming onto the cobbles and causing more stress for the couple.

Speaking about the relationship between Fiz and Phill, actress Jennie McAlpine opened up about her true feelings and how she felt when finding out Phill wasn’t as shiny as she thought.

“The shine is off when, from when the Speed Daal date reality hits, when his mates start talking about John Stape and the past.

“I think once reality comes into it, the shine has definitely been knocked off, but she is still like, ‘Oh no, this was the answer!’

“She doesn’t want to be on her own, she doesn’t want to bring the kids up on her own, and Phill was the answer, but then, yeah, now he’s not like everyone has been saying.”

When asked whether she thought Fiz’s feelings for Phill were genuine, she told the press, including “I don’t know, it’s complicated these feelings aren’t they.

“She thinks he is perfect, he has put her family first, her girls first, and he can provide, but it is going to be a new start away from Weatherfield.

“The girls will have a garden, and basically, Phill can give her all these things Tyrone can’t, so just do it.

“He has no baggage, we think, no kids, there is an ex-wife, so hopefully she isn’t crazy, he is stable, this is right, this is good for her so.”

Now the secret is out that Phill knew about Fiz’s past beforehand, could this mean he is hiding more secrets about his past from her?

If Phill does have a jealous ex-wife, how will she impact their relationship if she decides to turn up unexpected in Weatherfield?

Whilst speaking about Fiz’s past relationships, Jennie also touched on whether she thought Tyrone would ever have a second chance.

She exclaimed: “I’ve said this before, would she go back to him? Yes, she would in a heartbeat, to the Tyrone that was pre-Alina that didn’t do that to her and didn’t break her heart.

“But it is something that she can’t get over, so yes, she could go back if he hadn’t done it, but she can’t.

“She can’t get over what he did to her and her family, he tore it apart, and that is where we are stuck.”

Despite Fiz moving out of Weatherfield and into her new home with Phill, Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) has been determined to stay a part of their life.

In upcoming scenes, Fiz’s daughter Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) stumbles upon a large amount of information about her birth father on Phill’s phone.

Furious that he had kept a secret, she destroys his car with a digger that is parked outside their house due to renovations.

Fiz is furious when she finds out what has happened and picks up her children and takes them back to Weatherfield with Tyrone.

Tyrone ventures back to their house to pick up some of Fiz’s stuff and ends up having another altercation, with the pair falling into a pile of wet concrete.

Phill soon realises that he has lost an engagement ring, with Tyrone being the bigger man and helping him to find the jewellery item, thinking it is just of sentimental value.

Speaking about whether she thinks Fiz should marry Phill or get back with Tyrone, Jennie admitted: “Well, I mean the last wedding Fiz had was in prison with Chesney and prison guard as guests.

“So I think it would be nice for her to have a happy ending and have a nice white wedding, although Maureen (Lipman) has pointed out to me if this wedding was to go ahead she went, ‘You can’t wear white.’

“She doesn’t think I can wear white, so we will have to see!”

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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