Coronation Street’s Adam Barlow left for dead in brutal attack as soap confirms four whodunnit suspects

CORONATION Street’s Adam Barlow has been left for dead after a brutal attack in a shock whodunnit.

The lawyer – who is played by actor Sam Robertson in the ITV soap – will be found in a pool of blood in Monday night’s episode and rushed to hospital after the attack.

Viewers watched in shock as Adam lay lifeless on the floor after enraging four of the residents on the street.

The soap has confirmed that Peter Barlow, Sarah Platt, Carla Connor and Gary Windass are all the official suspects in the long-planned whodunnit.

In the episode Adam was forced to defend himself after his uncle Peter discovered he had slept with Carla.

Adam’s ex Sarah thundered out of the house and confronted Adam again over sleeping with Carla – even though they were split up.

“Drop dead Adam, drop dead seriously,” she screamed as Adam went back to the Bistro.

He ran into Gary who was determined to find Ray to take revenge on him for trying to rape Faye in the office.

But the pair of them couldn’t resist sniping, and Adam ended up threatening Gary over Rick’s murder.

As Gary gloated over Adam’s destroyed marriage, Adam hit back: “Maybe I’ll cheer myself up and call the cops and tell them to go to the woods and look for a body. Rick shaped.”

As Gary tried to scare Adam off, it didn’t work, and instead Adam told him: “What a typically stupid thing for you to say because now I’m going to change that threat to a promise. 

“I’m going to go in their, listen to some music, eat my chips and then I’m going to pick the phone up and say, ‘come on boys, grab a shovel, follow me’.”

In the Bistro Adam was left helping himself to the drinks when someone emerged behind him and grabbed a heavy object.

The four suspects were confirmed as Sarah, Carla, Gary and Peter.

Sarah walked into the Platt kitchen, scaring her brother David in the process, and insisting she had been sitting in the garden gathering her thoughts.

Carla meanwhile, insisted to Jenny and Daniel that Adam wouldn’t be contacting her – and that she would wait for Peter to return.

Gary sat in his own office with a gas heater looking furious.

And rounding out the suspects, Peter sat swigging from a bottle of booze in Victoria Gardens before going to sleep on a bench.

Back in the Bistro Adam lay unconscious on the floor in a pool of blood.

But who was it who attacked Adam?

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