Coronation Street’s Tisha Merry says she’ll marry Alan Halsall and have kids but reveals she didn’t fancy him at first – The Sun

CORONATION Street star Tisha Merry has revealed she can see herself getting married and starting a family with Alan Halsall.

Despite admitting she didn't fancy her Corrie co-star when she first met him, Tisha, 27, said her feelings towards him changed after getting to know him more.

"I do see myself getting married," Tisha confessed in a YouTube quick-fire question round from fans, which Alan led.

"I’d love to get married and I do see myself having children with Al, but not for at least five years," she added.

Reaffirming her answer, Tisha said: "I would like a child and Al would like a child, so yes we both want a child."

When asked whether she fancied Alan, 37, when she first met him, Tisha revealed: "No. We were best friends before we got together."

She further explained: "I’ve obviously known Alan for many, many years but no, I never looked at him like that.

"It was only when we got closer as friends, I was like, “Oo maybe I do fancy him a little bit, nine months down the line.”

On whether she wears the trousers in the relationship, Tisha answered: "No, I don’t think I do. I think I am the more vocal one out of us two, I vocalise a lot of things.

But I think we’re very equal. I just make more noises."

Earlier this month, Tisha and Al – who started dating in April 2019 – spoke about the ups and downs of co-parenting in their first joint interview.

Tisha is step-mum to Alan's daughter Sienna, six, who he shares custody with alongside his ex wife Lucy-Jo Hudson.

Talking about her relationship with Sienna, Tisha revealed in the YouTube video: "I really get on with Sienna.

"We get on really well, I kind of knew we’d get on well.

She added: "When I first met her, she claimed me to be her dancing buddy and I thought from then on, we’re going to get on.

I’d like to think I’m a very good step mum. We certainly have a lot of fun together."

Meanwhile Tisha, who left the ITV soap last year after four years playing waitress Steph Britton, said she wouldn't rule out a return to the show.

"I left for a reason, I’m really glad I left for that reason. I would love to go back. I would also love to continue auditioning, I’m quite easy in that way, but I would certainly not rule anything out," she said.

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