Corrie’s Gemma discovers she will have quadruplets after collapsing in pain

As if being pregnant wasn't enough, Gemma Winter will be left stunned after discovering she will have quadruplets with boyfriend Chesney Brown.

Yes, this is really happening.

Next week on Coronation Street , Gemma suffers from awful morning sickness and Rita and Chesney try to get her to see a doctor, but she refuses.

However her morning sickness becomes so horrific that she ends up collapsing in pain and Chesney takes her to the hsopital.

Gemma is given a scan as Gemma tells Chesney that she has a family history of having twins.

But the pair are left stunned when they find out they aren't having twins – they're having quadruplets.

Gemma and Chesney are shocked as the news sinks in and they are given various options including selective termination.

However the pair both agree that they can't go through a selection process and want all of the four babies to have a chance.

When they get home, Gemma is gutted when Rita tells her that her flat is too small and that she is too old to cope with having four babies in her apartment.

"She is really disappointed, in her own little dream word she thought she and Paul would live at Rita’s and all help with the babies but obviously that is impossible," actress Dolly Rose Campbell, who plays Gemma, says.

"Chesney suggests that she move back into number five which is logical but she is just worried about how unhappy Chesney was last time she lived there so she isn’t sure that is the answer."

Meanwhile Jenny decides to start a collection to help support Gemma and Chesney with the financial problems in raising four babies.

Gemma's mum is set to arrive on the cobbles soon, played by Casualty actress Jane Hazlegrove.

Opening up about her arrival, Dolly says: "I have literally just started filming those scenes and I think it is great that we finally get to meet Gemma’s mum, we have heard so much about her and not much of it is good, I think we will get a real insight into what made Gemma the person she is today.

"And for Gemma to have her mum there when she is pregnant is perfect. Paul is suspicious of Bernie’s motives for turning up but Gemma wants to give her a chance."

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