Corrie’s Jamie Kenna shares emotional message about loneliness at Christmas

Coronation Street actor Jamie Kenna has admitted he's had "dark times" – during a powerful message to those feeling lonely at Christmas.

The soap star, who played love-stricken Phill Whittaker in the ITV soap, said Christmas can be "horrible" if you're going through tough times.

Jamie took to Instagram with a poignant video on Christmas Day where he said: "I love Christmas, Christmas is my favourite time of year.

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"I’ve got two little kids and I can live vicariously through them and the whole Santa Claus thing and all that is just brilliant."

But he revealed Christmas can "really rub salt in the wound" when you're struggling.

He went on: "But also I’ve had my dark times and I know how that feels and when you’re in one of those dark spots or if you know people that are in one of those dark spots, Christmas can be horrible.

“It can really rub salt in the wound when you’re supposed to be feeling festive and full of love and joyous spirit, but actually all you want to do is hide under a duvet."

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Kenna, who last appeared on Corrie in July, said he wanted to reach out to those feeling lonely at Christmas time and urged people to talk to their loved ones.

The actor said: "Don’t feel you’re going to kill someone’s Christmas buzz by talking about it, don’t feel you’re going to ruin someone’s Christmas by picking up the phone – just do it and don’t be alone.

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“If now is the time to reach out then do it, because I know this is the hardest time of the year because you feel very lonely and isolated and that you’re going to be the Grinch, but you’re not, you’re really not.

“Christmas is all about wrapping yourself around people you love and care for and that might be someone you haven’t spoken to for years and all of a sudden they pick up the phone."

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He added: "So just be aware of that, be aware of those around you and if you are feeling that way, reach out, please reach out and say something and you won’t regret it. I promise."

Jamie has been vocal about his mental health struggles in a bid to help others after suffering a breakdown a decade ago.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 8pm.


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