‘Could never’ The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades explains why he can’t pick ‘favourite repair’

Jay Blades discusses cardinal rule when repairing items in show

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Jay Blades, 52, has become a firm favourite with households ever since The Repair Shop launched. The BBC programme is always a tear-jerker, with guests bringing in items with poignant attachments to their past and/or lost relatives. Speaking to Express.co.uk, Jay admitted he couldn’t choose a favourite restoration.

When asked about the repairs which stick in his mind the most from the past 10 series, Jay replied: “I could never answer that.

“All restorations are my favourite because every restoration is individual.

“Each item is relating to a family, and that family is then allowing us to be part of their family to repair it and part of that future of that item that has so much history involved in it.”

Jay also opened up about the significance of the work he and the repair experts do.

“It feels very personal, we are all honoured to actually have people allow us to take part in that,” he reflected.

“Because you have to think if you’ve got let’s say, four million people watching the show, as soon as they walk through the door, we have to make them feel comfortable and secure.

“So they can then express what they might not have told anyone.

“It’s like you have to make them feel comfortable and then you have to build trust into them that their item is going to be really looked after. And that’s what our job is – to do that.”

He added: “Some items have never left their family in 100 years.

“And they’re trusting you with it, like, ‘Take this and repair it for me.’

“You’re like, ‘Are you sure you want to leave it here?’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah, we’re ready now, we can do it.'”

The Repair Shop has remained a popular programme in the five years since it launched.

Every episode sees a flurry of response from emotional viewers who have been moved by each story.

Jay has also gone on to explore other subjects through different documentaries.

He has hosted Money for Nothing, Jay Blades’ Home Fix and Mister Mender.

In 2021, Jay took an emotional journey in BBC One’s Jay Blades: Learning to Read at 51.

The show followed the presenter as he explained why he was left unable to read well into adulthood.

This year, he also appeared in Jay Blades: No Place Like Home, a nostalgic series which explored his own past growing up in Hackney, as well as the historically significant events of the area.

He admitted he learned a lot about the area he initially thought he knew everything about.

The Repair Shop continues on Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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