Dean Gaffney, 43, shares rare picture of his new grandchild and daughter

GRANDPA Gaffney has shared a rare picture of his new grandchild and daughter.

The sweet snap comes after EastEnders star Dean, 43, told The Sun how he was "one of the best-looking granddad's in town.”

The TV legend previously revealed how his daughter Chloe, 24,had givenbirth to daughter Mimi in July.

Now the doting grandpop's has taken to Instagram to show how proud he is.

The actor shared a lovely picture on his Insta Story of his beautiful daughter holding her newborn baby.

The new picture comes as Dean talked about being a granddad at the young age of 43.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, he said: “I’m so proud. Lots of my mates are becoming dads, but I’m a grandad at the same age.

“The only person I know who’s in the same boat as me is Danny Dyer, who has a grandchild at 43. I’ll be calling him for tips. We could do grandaddy day care together.’”

“I’m hoping people will see me pushing a pram in the street and go, ‘Oh, is that your child?’

“Because although I’ve got grey hair, I don’t think I look like a grandad just yet.”

Dad-of-two Dean revealed the news that Chloe and her partner Declan had become parents back in July.

Posting a picture of himself cradling the baby, he wrote: “Welcome to this crazy world, my beautiful granddaughter Mimi. I can’t believe my baby is now a mother, proud is an understatement.

“Chloe and Declan — you’re going to be amazing parents.”

Dean told The Sun on Sunday: “I’m very blessed that I have a great relationship with my daughters. We try to go out once a week. They both drink and we sometimes do shots.

“On one night Chloe just said, ‘I’m sticking to water — why do you think that is?’. And then I just knew.

“I tried to lighten the load by joking and saying, ‘You’ve had sex!’ And she just said, ‘Aw, Dad’.

“I sat back and asked all the questions like, ‘Are you financially OK?’. But it is clear she is ready to be a mum.

“She’s 24 but I still think of her as my baby girl. But I’m so happy.

“Being a grandad at this age is great. I’ve done my living. Me and my ex Sarah are both pleased that we have done a good job and the girls have turned out great.”

Dean was written out of EastEnders in October 2019 after he had messaged a woman online asking her for racy snaps. He has since visited a counsellor to work out why he sometimes “presses the self-destruct button”.

He said: “I hold my hands up, I messed up. I probably brought the show into disrepute. One thing I do admire is that they did it right, it was a nice conversation.

"It wasn’t, ‘Pack your bag, you’re gone’. What was nice, and I had a bit of a tear in my eye, is they said, ‘We actually love you here, we do love the character, we love Dean Gaffney, but our hands are forced at the moment."

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