Dick Strawbridge plans to ‘slow down’ after ‘working a** off’ for Escape to the Chateau

Dick Strawbridge shares tips for planning a DIY project

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Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree have been working incredibly hard over the last five years after they made the move from Britain to France where they had bought a run-down 45-bedroom Chateau with 12 acres of land. In an old video that was posted to the official Escape to the Chateau YouTube page, Dick took viewers around a brief tour of the land and what was included in their boundary as well as explaining how the couple planned to “slow down” and “enjoy life”. 

“I am Dick Strawbridge – I am a very lucky man,” He began. 

“This is where I live, Chateau-de-la Motte Husson, I live here with Angela, my wife and my two little children, Arthur and Dorothy. 

“We bought the Chateau just over a year ago [2015], and it looked very grand, it was cheaper than a one-bedroom flat in East London, where Angela was before. 

“We bought the place for a change of lifestyle and to basically enjoy life. 

“We’ve got 12 acres and if you look over here, this is the start of our land, there’s a little wood, that is an Orangery – an Orangery is somewhere you put your citrus plants during the winter,” Dick showed fans. 

“You can see the water around the Chateau – it’s a moat. 

“There’s been a castle here since the 12th century, the Chateau only dates back until 1868 – it’s gorgeous. 

“The building in the trees – we’ve got a rule over there which is a pigsty, it’s also all the outbuildings, we’ve got stables, we’ve got barns, absolutely phenomenal. 

“The 12 acres we have are woods, grass, but the most exciting thing for us – for me, Angela loves the house – is the walled garden. 

“We have nearly an acre in a walled garden, that hasn’t been touched for 40 years. 

“Since we’ve been here, there’s been weeds, nettles, three or four feet high – they’ve been strimmed back because we’ve put all our efforts into the house we now have a situation where I’m allowed to get out into the garden,” he continued. 

“We’ll start seeing about living off the land which is something we really what we want – we’re into our food. 

“About a mile down the road from us, there is a cheese factory… all around us we have food of extremely good quality and so we’re basically here to enjoy life and slow down. 

“Having said to slow down, we’ve been working our asses off to sort out the Chateau, because it was derelict – no water, no heating, no electricity, no sewerage for the last 800 years. 

“Poops have gone into the moat!” Dick laughed. 

“We’ve done enough work, such that last November we managed to hold our wedding here – we had one hell of a party.

“But all in all, we are now living in a beautiful Chateau that has had enough work done – the first floor, the ground and basement are civic lies – we’ve got heating and electricity. 

“All in all, it’s not bad.” 

Dick and Angel may have planned to “slow down” but it doesn’t seem like they have. 

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Since posting that video back in 2016, the couple have gone onto have an incredibly successful events business – and with the coronavirus pandemic halting everything – the couple have a two-year ‘catch-up’ now for weddings. 

To add to this, they have set up an “elegant camping” business where people stay in domes on the land surrounding the Chateau. 

Fans can also go and work with the couple in their gardens. 

Dick and Angel have also rescheduled their tour and have set up an exclusive membership club, called The Salon. 

Escape to the Chateau can be watched on 4oD now. 

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