Doctor Who: Doctor and Yaz romance sealed after huge clue in New Year’s special?

Doctor Who: Aisling Bea stars in Eve of the Daleks trailer

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The Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) was back on New Year’s Day on BBC One for her first adventure after taking on the Flux. After fending off yet another Dalek attack, could there be another romance in the TARDIS after Yaz’s (Mandip Gill) heart-to-heart with Dan (John Bishop)?

Dan finally confronted Yaz’s obvious feelings for the Doctor in the latest episode, Eve of the Daleks.

Teaming up with Sarah (Aisling Bea) and Nick (Adjani Salmon), the TARDIS trio found themselves stuck in a time loop in a Dalek-infested storage unit.

At a critical moment during their escape, Dan pulled Yaz aside and tried to convince her to tell the Doctor how she felt.

Throughout their adventures, the Doctor’s newest companion couldn’t help but notice Yaz’s yearning looks at the time-travelling hero.

Fans of the series have also picked up on some undeniable chemistry between the pair.

Unfortunately, so far the Doctor has been too preoccupied with saving the universe and unlocking the secrets of the past to make time for a new romance.

Even so, Dan later inquired whether the Doctor felt the same, and wasn’t convinced when she insisted she didn’t know what he was talking about.

After the latest revelations, could the Doctor and Yaz finally get together when Doctor Who returns for another special later in the year?

Viewers certainly seemed to think so, and flocked to Twitter to react to Yaz’s confession.

Saleena Rani tweeted: “I am absolutely here for the Doctor and Yaz being romantically involved. And about time too.”

And Faith said: “I genuinely can’t stop crying.

“That scene with Yaz talking about her feelings about the Doc to Dan was so important and just really well done.”

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Finally, IamJacob_AOS_ added: “I enjoyed that episode, it was lots of fun!!!!!! But I need the Doctor and Yaz together now!!!!!!!”

Aside from some flirtatious moments with Captain Jack (John Barrowman), this would mark the first time the Doctor has been romantically involved with someone of the same gender.

As well as proving exciting for fans who support them as a couple, the episode was also well received as another step for the show’s LGBTQ representation.

Serena wrote: “This scene is just so important for LGBTQ+ youths everywhere.”

“Doctor Who telling them they can love who they want, no matter the gender. So so important and I am so proud of this show.”

Whovians were also pleased to see fellow companion Dan clearly supporting the relationship along with them.

However, time will tell if the fledgling romance sticks, as the show’s lead Jodie will soon be replaced by yet another new face.

Doctor Who will return in early 2022 on BBC One.

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