Does Marvel Studios Already Have a Replacement for Sam Wilson's Captain America in Mind?

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Captain America purposefully got lost in the past — choosing to “get a life” as Tony Stark once advised. And, he lived out his days with Agent Peggy Carter. Yet, when he returned to the present Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline as an elderly man, Cap had one last mission to accomplish. It was time to determine who would wield the shield next. And, while Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson both had their merits as successors, the honor went to Sam Wilson’s Falcon. 

In the upcoming Disney+ original Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wilson will take over for Steve Rogers as the next Cap. And, though no one could ever live up to the brick wall of moral fortitude that is Rogers, Wilson will do his best to honor his dear friend. Yet, based on available information, Kevin Feige (and all those involved) may already have the next Captain America in mind. 

The MCU wants multiple Captain Americas to appear in the movies

According to insider reports surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the studio intends to introduce multiple Captain Americas — not to replace Rogers, but to pay tribute to the incomparable hero in various forms. 

We Got This Covered (WGTC) noted — relying on the same sources who knew Taskmaster would be the primary villain in Black Widow — that the studio wants a female cap, a gay cap, and a young black Cap (all in addition to Falcon). While all may appear on the screen together, it’s likely that the passing of the shield (literally and metaphorically) will be a regular occurrence in transitioning heroes to follow Rogers. And, it looks like Sharon Carter could take on the responsibility alongside and/or after Sam Wilson. 

Will Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter take over for Sam Wilson in the MCU? 

Sharon Carter will reportedly appear in the upcoming Disney+ series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Meaning, a narrative vitality beyond “supporting agent” may come to the surface, especially considering how long Anthony Mackie has played the part. His time in the MCU may near completion with his small-screen spotlight. 

WGTC notes that the studio is eyeing VanCamp to be the first female Captain America. Since she already exists in the universe, getting fans on board with her transition would likely be easier than introducing a brand new face to play the female Captain America. 

Though Sharon Carter does not receive super serum in the comics, the MCU is known to change the source narrative to fit with its overarching plans. And, if Falcon gives the shield to Carter, the show could also set up a presence for the agent in the eventual All-female A-Force movie. 

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