Dog the Bounty Hunter launches Cameo venture to 'take businesses to the next level' amid TV show with fiancee Francie

DOG The Bounty Hunter has revealed his next creative money-making venture to boost business brands "to the next level."

The TV star, 67, hails himself a "speaker" on his new Cameo page which he advertised on his Instagram Stories.

His intriguing post, which featured his headshot, included the caption: "Lets get down to business, down to business, down to business.

"Book me on cameo and I'll help take your brand to the next level."

He then added a swipe up to his account on the website, which gives fans the option to book a ZOOM, or a chat.

No doubt Dog, real name Duane Chapman, is hoping his wise words of inspiration will help corporations across the US.

His services have certainly been given the thumbs-ups so far, with a host of positive reviews.

One user gushed: "He is amazing in Cameo. Gives a long video and effort level is top notch. He's amazing."

Another added: "I love this and it was so amazing and cool to see the one and only Dog."

One then posted: "This was amazing, THANK YOU!!!"

Dog is no stranger to the commercial world after launching his own range of merchandise.

This has included T-Shirts released this year commemorating his late wife, Beth Chapman, a year after she sadly passed from throat and lung cancer.

One of the T-shirts features the message: "Dog and Beth together forever," while another reads, "This one's for Beth."

Another tribute line included face masks with the show's logo and the phrase "Auntie knows best" – referring to Beth.

Meanwhile, it is also back to business for Dog who has started training pooches for his latest reality show Dog Unleashed – featuring new fiancee Francie Frane.

He took to Instagram to reveal that he is now working with actual dogs.

He said in the video: "Hey, Dog the Bounty Hunter here. If your dog needs obedience training or search and and rescue, I have got together with a friend of mine and we're gonna start training."

Dog then reveals his friend to be named "Mika," and that he has a "training facility."

While not in the promo, Francie is expected to be on the show, which is set to premiere January 1, 2021.

The pair began dating earlier this year before becoming engaged in May.

Dog, who lost his wife Beth in 2019, bonded with Francie as she also previously lost her husband.


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