Dustin Diamond wanted to be cremated and buried without a gravestone as star was afraid of vandals 'messing with it'

TRAGIC Dustin Diamond told friends he wanted to be cremated and buried without a gravestone after he died, as he was afraid of people vandalizing it and wanted to be "left in peace."

The Saved by the Bell star, who died on Monday just weeks after being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, said he didn't want to have a headstone that "people can mess with," his close friend Dan Block exclusively told The Sun.

Dan, who was by Dustin's side yesterday when he passed away, told The Sun: "He wants to be cremated, he did not want to have a gravestone and he did not want to have a big funeral so it's just going to be a memorial with a few family and friends.

"He said he didn't want to have a gravestone because he was worried people would mess with it just like they messed with him when he was alive. He just wants to be left in peace to leave the world.

"I think I might do a plaque because he filmed at one of my locations, so maybe I'll put something there, so that if somebody wanted to go and see something they could.

"But he was clear he didn't want a gravestone.

"This all just happened so fast we thought we had months."

Dustin was first hospitalized in January and diagnosed with stage four small cell carcinoma, despite claiming he never smoked cigarettes.

The Sun revealed his cancer was terminal just hours before he passed away.

Dan, who met Dustin after hiring him to do commercials for his firm Insurance King, previously said the actor was subject to constant public ridicule both in person and online – and he believed the bullying had prevented him from getting treatment earlier.

He said he had a "huge lump" on his neck for some time – but tragically put off going to the hospital in case people took photos and posted them online.

But Dan claimed they tried to surround Dustin with positivity in his last days.

"He stayed away from any negative stuff in his last days," Dan added.

"That's why I was collecting the mail and making sure he's got some positive stuff to read. We wanted to keep it all positive for him. 

"But he couldn't just go online and read stuff, because of the negative stuff people write, but we had people writing positive stuff on our Facebook page which we'd pass to him.

"I still believe he was probably sick and knew he was sick and didn't get help because he just wanted to live his life as long as he could.

"And I think a lot of it was he was afraid to go and get checked and find out if it was cancer.

"He was really afraid of chemo, he thought chemo was going to kill him. 

"At first it was looking good, all his numbers were going up but then all of a sudden he just took a real bad turn for the worst.

"He was told it could be weeks or months, and that the average was about five months. 

"But then I found out this weekend that they weren't going to do chemo any more because it wasn't working. 

"I think he knew probably Saturday night that his time was coming."

Dan said that comedian Dustin would like to be remembered as someone who liked to make people smile.

"Dustin liked to make people happy and he just wanted to be happy," he said.

"He would try and make anybody laugh.

"I've seen him make faces at kids and stuff just to try and get people to smile, that's all he ever wanted to do."

Dustin's agent Roger Paul confirmed that his condition had deteriorated fast in the past week.

"Dustin did not suffer. He did not have to lie submerged in pain. For that, we are grateful," he said in a statement on Monday.

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