EastEnders cancelled for the England Women's World Cup football match tonight

EASTENDERS will not be shown tonight due to the FIFA Women’s World Cup match between England v Argentina on BBC One.

It’s the second time this month an episode has needed to be rescheduled due to the competition, meaning soap fans are without their weekly Friday fix from the Square.

However fans shouldn’t despair as it’s actually already aired, with today’s installment shown on Thursday night in a double-episode extravaganza.

Tonight, BBC One are showing the live Match of the Day coverage for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which will air from 7.30pm.

Luckily, most people realised it was a double-billing last night thanks to EastEnders taking to Twitter to confirm the shake-up.

But for those who didn’t realise, the episode is already on BBC iPlayer, so fans can watch it tonight if they wish.

Last week, fans were devastated after the soap was cancelled for the coverage of the France vs South Korea game but many rejoiced that women's football was being given the prime time TV slot it deserves.

The latest cancellation comes as Bobby Beale made his big return to Albert Square after three years away.

He was sent to a young offenders institution after confessing to the murder of his sister Lucy Beale, who he accidentally killed in 2014.

Now, the teenager is back with him making his big return in what would have been Friday’s episode.

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