EastEnders Sam caught, Emmerdale Aaron returns and 18 more soap spoilers

Shock returns are at the centre of the soaps next week, with familiar faces popping up left, right and centre!

Sid Sumner stages a comeback to Hollyoaks in the wake of his sudden departure, and it’s safe to say that his loved ones want answers.

Over in Emmerdale, Aaron Dingle sets foot back in the eponymous village, which will no doubt come as a delight to fans, but he’s not the only one, as Tracy Metcalfe is also back where she belongs.

If that wasn’t enough to make you want to tune into Emmerdale next week, then we should also mention that Chas Dingle and Al Chapman are finally caught out.

But by who?

In EastEnders, Sam Mitchell is exposed by none other than Shirley Carter, leaving her having to answer some seriously difficult questions when Phil quizzes her!

And last but not least, it’s all kicking off in Coronation Street, as Aaron lashes out in the wake of his father’s violence, resulting in heated scenes with Paul Foreman.

Metro.co.uk is once again on hand with brand new soap spoilers, and here’s everything you’ve got to look forward to next week.

Coronation Street

Aaron’s dad arrives at the garage and he’s visibly drunk and volatile. The abuser threatens Aaron over the stolen cash and weed, and later, Aaron meets up with Summer, who is shocked to discover that his dad attacked him. Paul, meanwhile, calls at the flat and lays into Aaron, but when he grabs his bruised arm, Aaron winces in pain and punches Paul in the face! 

Ronnie tells James that there is a youth centre near Lewisham looking for a football coach. Realising it’s close to where Danny lives, James promises to call them straight away. An excited James tells Ronnie that he got the job at the youth centre and starts tomorrow. In the bistro, James breaks the news to the family that he’s landed a great new job, but it means moving to London. Ed, Aggie, Michael and Dee-Dee bid an emotional farewell to James as he leaves the street.

Max is accosted by Blake and Chris, who nick his lunch, break his phone and douse him in water. As the lads film his humiliation, Max fights tears. A dishevelled Max appears, upset that David failed to pick him up and left him at his bullies’ mercy.


Shirley blackmails Sam for more cash, threatening to tell Phil the truth if she fails to comply. Sam calls her bluff but it backfires as Shirley storms off to find Phil. They run into Jonah, who is looking for Sam, and as he grabs her arm Phil intervenes – punching Jonah! Shirley, meanwhile, reveals all to Phil, confirming that Sam has been scamming him for months!

Lola plans to get Ben and Callum talking by helping Vi move out of her house. Callum and Ben soon realise it’s all been a set-up, and they subsequently share a moment of closeness, which sees them admit that there are still feelings between them.

Vinny visits his dad, Nish, in prison – and is left surprised by his affection. Nish reminisces about old times, but Vinny is more interested to know why he was asked to be there.


Liv is shocked to find Terry in her home, demanding that she retract her statement. She refuses and a scuffle ensues, which ends with her hitting her head on a table. Terry makes a run for it, but he’s stopped in his tracks by none other than Aaron! Aaron attacks Terry, but Harriet arrives and arrests him – leaving Chas fuming. Liv, meanwhile, refuses to forgive Aaron for abandoning her.

Mackenzie is relieved that his one-night-stand secret is safe for the time being after a near-miss with Ryan and Nate. He later meets with his one night stand, as their identity is revealed.

Al claims to be serious about Chas, and they plan to run away together. Kerry spots him looking up properties online and assumes he’s committed about their future, unaware that he’s actually planning on breaking up with her. In the pub, she blindsides him with a proposal – involving a cringe-worthy rap! Al says yes, but his heart’s not in it.

Chas, meanwhile, is taken aback when Al reassures her that he’s still committed to her, and the two share a moment of passion outside the pub. They’re left horror struck, however, when someone catches them.


Sid is back, and Lizzie understandably demands answers from him about why he left. But Sid has some big news for his nearest and dearest, and let’s just say that everyone struggles to process what he’s said. The question is: just what news does he bring? And why is everyone so upset by it?

Verity bribes Romeo to spend some time with Eric, but the two men struggle to find common ground. Later, a stolen glance gives away Eric’s latest crush, so Theresa decides to play cupid.

Felix poses as a buyer and arranges to meet with Joseph’s mother, Gill, to gather information on her son, but will he be able to keep up the ruse as he runs into other Hollyoaks residents?


Tracy is back in Emmerdale

  • Stu meets his granddaughter for the first time in Coronation Street
  • Eve confides in Stacey about Suki in EastEnders
  • Faith overhears a secret in Emmerdale
  • Sienna vows to take down Norma with Ethan’s help in Hollyoaks
  • Glenda hosts a quiz night at the Rovers in Coronation Street
  • Jay brands Lola the love of his life in EastEnders
  • Tracy returns with Frankie in Emmerdale
  • One resident has haunting hallucinations in Hollyoaks

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