EastEnders spoiler: Grange Hill star Lee ‘Zammo’ MacDonald joins as Terry and has showdown with Mick Carter over Spice Girls tickets – The Sun

EASTENDERS fans have been treated to the first scenes from Grange Hill star Lee 'Zammo' MacDonald as he joins the soap as bus driver Terry.

He is seen having a showdown with Danny Dyer's Mick Carter over Spice Girls tickets, of all things, with the landlord waving a huge wad of cash in his face.

The pair had gone head-to-head on a radio competition for the tickets which Terry won, in scenes Lee saw for the first time on Loose Women today.

Viewers watched Mick track him down before cornering him on his own bus and trying to get the tickets off him.

Mick tells him: "Listen, my old woman is the biggest Spice Girls fan on the planet."

An unimpressed-looking Terry replies: "Bigger than mine?"

Mick then pulls out a fistful of notes, saying: "There's a pint with your name on it, the Queen Vic just around the corner. I want to buy those tickets."

Lee, who played troubled teen Zammo in the BBC kids' soap back in the 1980s, was revealed to be making his "dream" return to the show last month.

The 50-year-old has struggled to find work since Grange Hill, with potential employers fearing being associated with heroin because of Zammo's storyline.

He made cameos in the likes of Bird of a Feather, but moved into retail, setting up a key shop in Wallington, Surrey.

Speaking on Loose Women today, Lee explained how thrilled he was to be invited to join the soap joking that when they rang: "I was there before the phone call had ended."

He said: "My son was in the shop. I was screaming. My son was like: 'Is everything all right?'

"I was like: 'Yes, it's fine son. I'm going to be in EastEnders.' It's like a dream come true."

Lee will make his debut in the soap on BBC One this Thursday evening.

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