EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell hatches a plan to kill Paul Coker's murderer

BEN Mitchell hatches a plan to kill his ex-boyfriend Paul Coker’s murderer next week in EastEnders. 

It comes after Ben discovered that Paul’s killer Simon Atmore had been released from prison last week.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Callum look at a piece of paper with the details of the man that killed Paul. 

Worried about Ben seeking revenge, Callum keeps the details to himself.

However, Ben later rummages through Callum’s things and finds the paper with the details. 

As Callum comes home he realises that Ben has made a plan to meet with Simon.

Callum begs Ben not to do anything stupid but it’s clear that Ben wants revenge.

What lengths will Ben go to?

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Viewers will remember that Ben and his boyfriend Paul were attacked and left for dead in a homophobic attack in 2016. 

While Ben managed to survive, Paul died from his injuries leaving Ben devastated. 

The four men responsible for the hate crime attack were sentenced to prison, but Ben was fuming to discover he’d been released last week after appealing his sentence.

After Pam broke the news to Ben, he told Callum: “Pam just called. One of the blokes who murdered Paul has appealed his conviction. 

“He's been released. Downgraded apparently from murder to manslaughter. He beat him to death – how is that not murder? 

“I keep remembering that night and now he's free to live his life and that is the thing he took from Paul. You see I should have dealt with this at the time but everyone told me to just let the police do their job, that we would get justice. 

“This isn't justice. It's not even been five years and now he's out and he's got his whole life ahead of him. 

“This is karma, this is payback for what I did to Jags. I know someone who can help me track down Simon. I can't do anything not while I know he's out there.”

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