EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale and Max Branning’s feud explained as the pair come face-to-face TONIGHT

SO just why does a middle aged man like Max Branning hate a teenage boy with such malice again? Well let's face it, it doesn't matter what age or size you are – the residents of EastEnders are always up for a good brawl.

And it seems that there is no love lost between the hardnut and not so innocent Bobby Beale, who are set to come face-to-face in tonight’s dramatic episode.

But why do the Square’s resident ladies’ man and baby-faced assassin have so much beef?

Let’s remind ourselves about the story of Max and Bobby. And don’t expect a happily ever after… 

Why does Max Branning hate Bobby Beale in EastEnders?

Well, dear viewer, to explain this we’ll need to travel back in time to 2014 when Bobby was – quite literally – a different person (having been formerly played by Eliot Carrington) and Max was having a steamy, bedsit-based affair with his older sister Lucy Beale.

For any fans who have joined the Walford massive since 2014 – Lucy was just 20 when her body was found on Walford Common that April.

She’d been having a fling with womaniser Max –  also the dad of her best friend Lauren Branning.

Max was one of the last people to see Lucy alive and suspicions all pointed to him when her dead body was discovered.

But in February 2015 it was finally revealed that Max was innocent and it was actually Lucy’s younger half-brother, Bobby, who had killed her.

Bobby threw a jewellery box at Lucy in a fit of anger which hit her on the head and knocked her to the floor at their family home.

Bobby’s mum who was Lucy’s step-mum, Jane, found her body and after realising that her son had killed her, decided to take matters into her own hands.

Hiding Lucy’s dead body in the boot of her Nissan Micra, she dumped her in the Common so that her death couldn’t be linked to Bobby – who by the way didn't even realise that he’d killed her.

So how was Max involved?

The evidence against Max was pretty grim and after Jane’s confession she and husband Ian promised to protect Bobby by any means necessary.

But unfortunately for Max, this meant throwing him well and truly under the bus.

Jane had a plan to get Max off the hook though and gave him an alibi by telling the police they were together having sex when Lucy was killed.

And it was a pretty plausible excuse considering how often Max had dipped his wick in his neighbours’ wives and girlfriends previously.

Unfortunately Phil Mitchell, who had separate beef with Max, got wind of what was going on.

This led him to bribe the foreman of Max’s jury to find him guilty after he was arrested for Lucy’s murder.

Max served a year behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit before Bobby snapped and confessed all to a packed Queen Vic – following his attack on Jane with a hockey stick.

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