EastEnders spoilers: Gray Atkins takes drastic action to stop Karen discovering his shocking secret

GRAY Atkins takes drastic action to stop Karen Taylor discovering his shameful secret next week in EastEnders. 

The killer – who is played by Toby Alexander-Smith in the BBC One soap – has been working in a restaurant after his boss Laura sacked him and made sure he was blacklisted by the firm.

Next week, Bailey tries to convince Karen to go vegan, but Karen suggests she remains a meat eater until after their burger night.

Gray listens in and realises Karen plans to go to the restaurant he works at.

Fearing discovery, he interrupts their conversation, telling her how awful the restaurant is and suggesting they go somewhere else. 

Gray then changes the subject by telling Karen that he is going to his dad’s funeral.

Later, Gray catches up with Whitney who has been avoiding him, but when he begs for forgiveness and asks her to attend his dad’s funeral, she declines.

Later, Chelsea tries to talk to him and Karen watches the interaction from afar. 

It all kicks off as Karen bounds over and confronts Chelsea, accusing her of gold digging.

Later, Chelsea barges into Gray’s house and, shocked to see him so emotional, ends up agreeing to go to the funeral with him.

When they return, Gray begins to cry and Chelsea comforts him.

She's floored, however, when he asks Chelsea to marry him.

How will Chelsea respond?

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