EastEnders spoilers: Jamie Mitchell’s return from the deal sealed in big clue?

Fans reckon EastEnders could see the possible return of Jamie Mitchell (played by Jack Ryder) after the soap dropped a major hint in this evening’s episode as well as previous ones. 

EastEnders viewers suspected that Jamie was set to make a comeback after tonight’s dramatic instalment. 

The comes after Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) mentioned him to Tiffany who was on her way to marry Keegan (Zack Morris).

It is the second time Sonia mentioned the former mechanic’s name in a  few weeks which have raised many eyebrows. 

Sonia caught Tiffany running down the stairs as she tried to hide the wedding dress she planned to take to the registry office this evening. 


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Looking at the young romance between the pair, she told Tiffany about how she met Jamie. 

She said: “There was this boy called Jamie and I was younger than you and I knew I loved him”.

When Tiffany asked what happened, Sonia remarked: “Long story. You know I only ever want you to be happy don’t you?” and lunged in to give her a hug. 

Was this a hint that Jamie could return to his former flame? 

Fans took to Twitter to share their suspicions with one fan tweeting: “That’s the second Jamie mention in a month on EastEnders, am I missing something?”

A second added: “Sonia talking about Jamie though!”

While a third remarked: “That Jamie reference… miss them days of EastEnders.”

It does seem odd why Jamie would have been mentioned over the last couple of weeks but fans are on to something which could all be revealed in upcoming episodes. 

Actor Jack first appeared on the show in 1998 and become Sonia’s love interest. 

He got engaged to Sonia and in emotional scenes, he was tragically killed on Christmas day. 

He was run over by Martin Fowler (James Alexandrou) and passed away in hospital. 

In recent episode where Ben dangled Martin from a bridge, he again mentioned that Martin killed Jamie but he defended himself and said he was young and wasn’t aware of what he was doing. 


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Elsewhere on EastEnders, abusive Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) will please for Chantelle’s forgiveness after she discovers that he attacked a man in nightclub. 

The hairdresser will bump into Denise (Diane Parish) who will tell her of the incident. 

To keep up appearances, she will pretend to know all about it which will see Gray on edge. 

The beautician will confront Gray about the fight but he will use the excuse of the baby as to why has been tight-lipped about it. 

With Chantelle unconvinced, Gray will plead for her forgiveness and will try to put things right.

EastEnders continues tomorrow at 8pm on BBC One. 

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