Elle Darby fans are all saying the same thing after watching her YouTube apology video for racist tweets

FANS are not buying Elle Darby's second grovelling apology after a slew of her racist and fatphobic former tweets resurfaced.

On Monday, the mum-of-one, 26, apologised to her 770,000 Instagram followers after the series of "shameful" old messages came to light, in which she insulted various minority groups and used racial slurs.

In a new YouTube clip released on Tuesday, Elle re-iterated how "disgusting" she finds her "awful Tweets" and told how she would be taking a break from social media.

Wearing a grey jumper and her hair scraped back in a bun, family and lifestyle blogger Elle said: “I’ve tried to film this video so many times and every time is not good enough because there are no words to tell you how sorry I am.

"The tweets I made in 2009 were so disgusting, and so far from the person I am today, they were racist, fatphobic, homophobic – I am ashamed, I am disgusted at myself.

"There is not one person on the planet who hates me more than I do right now. The pain I have caused to so many of you eats me up.

"To know that I was someone who you considered a great friend and this image of me is now tainted. I don’t even recognise myself to have been [that person].

"I hope you can see this is not the person I am today. I know those disgusting words and awful tweets will always be associated with my name. Since I made those tweets I have had better education in these last ten years.

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"I have let down everybody there is no more humiliating feeling than that, I want to say once again I’m sorry."

Announcing her social media break, she added: "I will be taking a little time offline to further reflect on what’s happened to process a situation I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive myself for.”

But people who took the time to watch the video complained it was "pathetic" and "insincere".

"Elle Darby might as well have kept that apology to herself," wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another added: "See the thing is, Elle Darby has essentially aimed her apology at her followers and fan base, wonder why that is.. perhaps direct the apology towards the people directly affected by those evil words.."

And a third commented: "Just watched Elle Darby’s ‘I’m sorry’ video and she literally looks and sounds like the most insincere, unsorry person I’ve ever seen.. that was literally the most pathetic apology."

This week, Elle – who shares family vlogs and lifestyle videos on YouTube – was forced to address the spiteful and racist tweets she wrote when she was a teenager.

The mum caused backlash for offending different ethnic groups – including calling "foreign people" "meatheads" who "speak in grunts."

The influencer, with more than 600,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, said that she was ashamed of her historic tweets and that she wanted to "take responsibility for my actions."

In one resurfaced tweet from 2011, the influencer wrote: "I hope this Polish t*** driving my bus this morn who nearly kicked me off cus I didn't have my pass crashes."

Another from the same year read: "Why do foreign people follow me? I don't speak your grunts, meatheads."

And in a third, the British influencer wrote: "I just hate Polish people and Indians really."

Elle was also caught saying: "I really miss my laptop. Wish that effin charger from HK (Hong Kong) would hurry up. Come on ch***s, you're upsetting me."

In other tweets, the influencer penned fatphobic and hurtful comments – including using the n-word and alluding to animal cruelty.

The spiteful words, which were written ten years ago, resurfaced during the Christmas holidays, and have caused outrage online.

Disgusted fans took to social media – and also pointed out that old accounts of her fiancé, Connor Swift, contained similar hateful and racist words. 

The couple have since apologised for the tweets – which they said they were "beyond angry" at themselves about.

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