Ellen Degeneres Show’s most awkward moments – including nude Justin Bieber photo

The Ellen Degeneres Show was one of the most popular talk shows on American television.

In recent years, the host herself has come under fire for the toxic workplace scandal that overcast of series.

It resulted in three of her top producers being fired in 2020 and now the entire production is wrapping up for good.

The 64-year-old presenter called the controversy a “very, very difficult” time and admitted she was “crying everyday” while filming the final season.

Over the course of its 19-year run, some awkward moments slipped through the cracks. The results are so cringe-inducing you might find it difficult to watch.

Enjoy the ride as we take you through of the most glorious misfires The Ellen Degeneres Show’s history.

Dakota Johnson

This is one of the most famous examples of awkwardness on Ellen’s long-running series, with it making waves on Twitter in recent years.

Dakota Johnson was a guest on the show in 2019 following her 30th birthday, which soon became the topic of conversation during the interview.

Ellen kicked off their chat by remarking that she wasn’t invited to Dakota’s birthday party, but the actress wasn’t having any of it.

She immediately clapped back, saying Ellen was invited but simply failed to turn up.

She then mentioned how Degeneres gave her “s**t” about not being invited to previous parties.

Throughout the brutally awkward conversation, Ellen looked like she was in shock, the live studio audience must have felt the same.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara, best known for her role as Gloria in the hit sitcom Modern Family, has made several appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show over the years.

However, during a 2017 interview, Ellen decided to play a game with her that appeared to take aim at Sofia’s accent.

"That is not even a word, you're just doing it to ruin my reputation," Sofia remarks at one point, with Ellen looking visibly irritated throughout the game.

Caitlyn Jenner

This interview was one of the more politically awkward interactions on the show, as Ellen challenges Caitlyn Jenner’s previously held views on same-sex marriage.

Before coming out as transgender, Caitlyn was reportedly against same-sex marriage, something Ellen takes very personally as she herself is lesbian and married to Portia de Rossi.

The conversation takes a swift serious tone from the off and the tension only builds from there.

Justin Bieber

In 2015, Justin Bieber made a gust appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show and before long the pair started talking about some recently released paparazzi snaps.

One photo showed the then 21-year-old completely nude while on holiday and Ellen decided to show off the picture live on air, albeit a censored version.

Justin is clearly embarrassed about the entire situation, covering his face at one point to escape the cringe.

Wendy Williams

In the same year that Justin graced Ellen’s couch, fellow daytime TV star Wendy Williams made an appearance.

Ellen’s typically bubbly persona seemed completely absent during the interview, with clear tension between the presenters.

They eventually play Ellen’s go-to game of head’s up and when Justin’s name comes up, Wendy makes a comment that doesn’t go down well.

Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift made an appearance on the show in 2019, most fans were expecting a conversation surrounding her wildly successful musical career, or her dedicated ‘girl squad’ following.

Instead, Ellen decided it would be a good idea to do a game surrounding her storied dating history.

The game involved a cowbell and it soon went on for far longer than Taylor would have liked.

At several points, the star begged for the game to end, but Ellen just kept going as the list of exes just kept getting bigger and bigger.

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