Emmerdale Al Chapman’s affair finally exposed as Marlon catches him with Debbie

Emmerdale 's Al Chapman (played by Michael Wildman) is finally going to get exposed for playing both Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) and Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) off against each other on Emmerdale.

The sleazy character has been seeing Debbie secretly behind his fiancee Priya’s back on the ITV soap.

Fans have been anxious for Al to get his just desserts and it was finally Marlon (Mark Charnock) who learned the truth when he spotted the character talking to Debbie in intimate tones by his car.

Gradually focusing in on the pair, it was clear Marlon put the pieces together, but will he actually tell Priya and Debbie the truth about Al’s secrecy?

Viewers flocked to Twitter in relief that Al is finally going to get rumbled for his cheating behaviour.

One person commented: “How on earth did Al think he was gonna get away with seeing Debbie and Priya when Debbie could return at any time tho madness #emmerdale.”

"Oh Priya, just wake up and smell the stale aftershave. Al can't be more shifty. There's always a change of plan with him, and she never questions it #Emmerdale," another said.

“Marlon has spotted Al and Debbie together. Will he tell Priya the truth? #Emmerdale,” a third wondered.

A fourth declared: “Al is really getting on my nerves now #emmerdale.”

While a fifth was more worried about innocent Priya’s feelings in the mess, saying: “I hate it that Priya’s heart will break when she finds out! #emmerdale.”

Meanwhile, others were more concerned over what appeared to be a blunder in David Metcalfe’s shop.

During a conversation with newcomer Meena, David wore a face mask the entire time, but his nurse girlfriend opted to go mask-free as she sat behind the counter.

Annoyed at the discrepancy, viewers demanded to know why this was the case.

“Do face masks not apply to indoor establishments on @emmerdale? Not good. #Emmerdale,” one worried.

“@emmerdale how come the girl in nurses uniform is not wearing a mask in the shop? #emmerdale,” another asked.

And a third agreed: “Why’s David got a mask on and that Nurse doesn’t? Thinking face #Emmerdale.”

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