Emmerdale fans left fuming as soap starts late with no explanation – complaining 'they're getting like EastEnders'

EMMERDALE fans were left raging last night when they had to wait FIVE minutes before the soap finally rolled its opening credits.

Viewers of the popular ITV soap were so irate that many took to Twitter to release their pent up anger about the situation – and even complained that 'they're getting like EastEnders'.

For every soap fanatic in the UK, their Thursday evenings will consist of watching their first look of Emmerdale at 7.00pm.

Followed by EastEnders at 7.30pm, and then their second instalment of the village again at 8.00pm.

But that was all thrown into chaos and left fans flapping when Emmerdale missed their usual start time, and they had to wait until 7.05pm for the iconic theme tune to start rolling.

While some jokingly compared the lateness to the BBC One soap, others were left worried that they might have to miss out on some of their daily dose from the Square because of their slip up.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "4 minutes late your getting like EastEnders #Emmerdale."

Another angry viewer chimed in: "Hope we don’t miss any EastEnders for Emmerdale’s lateness."

A third said: "#emmerdale 4 minutes past 7 is f**n ridiculous ffs."

Despite being late, the episode certainly didn't disappoint.

Cain and Moira decided that talking their feelings is the best thing for their relationship.

The mechanic finally opened up to wife and admitted he was finding it difficult getting intimate with her because all he can think about is her affair that she had with his son.

The farmer also questioned if he was having a fling with ex Charity Dingle behind her back, but he explained that he's been trying to help her because she's split up with fiancée Vanessa Woodfield.

Meanwhile Laurel Thomas had a lot to think about with her unborn child that she shares with boyfriend Jai Sharma.

The pair are eagerly awaiting on test results from her Chorionic villus sampling (CVS).

And all seems to be going well between Priya Sharma and Al Chapman after Priya's dad Rishi offered to pay for their wedding.

But little does Priya know that Al has been hiding a secret from everyone – and viewers are dying to find out what it is.

Mandy Dingle also struggled to come to terms with the fact that her son Vinny has moved out and gone to stay with Liv Flaherty.

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