Emmerdale icon Nicola King attacked as Victoria Sugden framed for murder?

Emmerdale: Paige Sandhu speculates on Meena’s ‘comeuppance’

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Nicola King (played by Nicola Wheeler) has struck up a friendship with killer Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) after the latter was dumped by David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden). Meena was furious when her boyfriend chose Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) over her but will the sinister Emmerdale resident harm Nicola in a bid to win back David?

In Wednesday’s instalment, Meena told Nicola she was grateful for her support. 

The killer said: “Thanks again for yesterday surprisingly you were a real pal.”

“I’m just telling it how it is, that girl next door stuff is rubbish it’s just blokes like David settling for the easy option,” Nicola replied. 

“Yeah and I’ve been blaming myself for the fact he picked Victoria over me,” Meena quipped.

“Thinking I must have been blind to the chemistry between them.

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“But maybe it’s not that maybe it’s just the damp sizzle of desperation.”

Nicola remarked: “The thing is with David he never knows what he wants and I’m qualified to judge.”

“Is there anyone in this place he hasn’t been with?” Meena questioned. 

“I’ll come back to you,” she joked and Meena hit back: “I really thought I was special.”

The cafe owner commented: “I know what David’s like when he’s mad over someone and I’m sorry I don’t see it with Victoria at all. 

“Have you thought about what I said about getting him back?”

“Well sounds like someone needs to do something if he and Victoria are doomed to a lifetime of boring wholesomeness,” the killer joked.

“One cooks tea, the other does [the] bins,” Meena quipped. 

“Mind you, bins can be sexy Jimmy puts on a big jacket and his rough work gloves says he’s going to fine me for not separating my recycling,” Nicola revealed.

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“But you didn’t give me an answer either fight for him or don’t but do whatever makes you feel better

Meena confessed she believes David is the secret to her happiness. 

“Remind him what he’s missing and that’s definitely not shapeless t-shirts and mum leggings and pockets full of nappy sacks,” Meena declared. 

Nicola agreed: “The poor woman has really let herself go.”

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“I am the opposite of frump the nemesis of all things dowdy,” the killer announced. 

“My work is done,” the businesswoman stated and Meena replied: “Thanks Nicola all I needed was a little nudge.”

It’s clear Meena will do whatever it takes to get what she wants and her new friend Nicola may find herself in the firing line. 

The businesswoman has made it known in the village she supports Meena over Victoria and Meena may exploit this to frame her love rival.

Will Meena kill Nicola and place the blame on Victoria in a bid to win back David?

Emmerdale airs on ITV on weekdays at 7pm.

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