Emmerdale newcomer Caleb’s motive ‘exposed’ as worried fans spot ’empty wallet’

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    Emmerdale's mysterious newcomer Caleb left fans worried this weekend as they spotted his strangely 'empty wallet' in the Woolpack.

    Cain's long lost brother entered the ITV Dales this Christmas, and has so far been boasting of his fancy car, money and connections – even promising his solicitors can help free Cain from prison.

    But now fans aren't so sure, after spotting that Caleb held hardly any cash in his wallet.

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    The wallet was also mostly empty of bank cards.

    Taking to Twitter to share their findings, one eagle-eyed fan posted: "Caleb's wallet was definitely on the empty side!"

    Another echoed: "Did anyone else see Caleb’s wallet looking a bit worse for wear? Maybe he’s broke and wants to swindle the village out of some cash… #Emmerdale’s turning into Corrie!"

    Someone else posted: "Who carries a 'criminal lawyer's card' with them? Caleb's either a criminal lawyer & can't represent family or he's a criminal."

    "Why would Caleb have needed the services of a top criminal law firm?" another eagle-eyed viewer questioned.

    Mandy Dingle already seems taken with Caleb, explaining that he is "like catnip to both sexes" in a candid discussion with Bernice Blackstock.

    But other fans are already confused as to why Caleb has been given a Biblical name – despite not being a Dingle.

    He is son to Faith, but not to her ex Shadrach – meaning he shouldn't technically abide by the Dingle naming code.

    Taking to social media, one fan theorised: "Caleb isn't a Dingle so why has he got a biblical name?"

    But someone else was quick to point out: "If anyone is thinking how did Caleb get an Old Testament biblical name because he isn't a Dingle, my answer is Caleb is also the name of Shadrach and Zak's brother who happens to be Mandy's dad."

    As someone else wondered: "Caleb is called Caleb because 'Abel' is in the name. So will Cain end up killing him at some point?"

    Caleb star Will Ash has teased that his character could be out for revenge, telling Daily Star: "Initially, when he comes in, even though he's got an axe to grind with him, he wants to connect with his family.

    "To connect with Cain and with Chas, he wants to have a relationship even though there is a kind of simmering resentment and bitterness."

    He added: "He's very, very kind of charming and open and wanting to just make a connection with his family because they're going through quite a lot.

    "He comes in and kind of really helps them deal with all that they're dealing with. But you can't help but think there is something else going on."

    Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV1.


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