Emmerdale return for Ross Barton as he tears apart beloved couple forever?

Emmerdale: Ross Barton and Tracy Metcalfe drink together

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Ross (played by Michael Parr) hasn’t been seen in the village of Emmerdale since 2018 when he made an exit alongside partner Rebecca White (Emily Head). The beloved bad boy has been mentioned several times, given his son Moses Dingle (Arthur Cockroft) is living with his mother, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins). However, with the troublesome villager revealing she is now in a relationship with criminal mastermind Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), it seems the father of one could make a comeback to the ITV soap as his concern for who is raising his son reaches new heights.

The hints about Ross returning to the village began in Monday’s episode of the weeknight serial drama when Charity explained he was dropping Moses back in the village after spending Christmas with him.

Having become an official couple, the mother of four and Mackenzie were excited to tell the youngster and the criminal couldn’t wait to get to know him better.

Although the young schoolboy did make a return to the Dales, his father’s comeback was brief and he didn’t appear on-screen either.

As they sat down with Moses, Charity explained she was with Mackenzie now and he was the first boyfriend she’d had after splitting up from Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick).

Seeing his mother happy, the youngster was happy with the criminal being in their lives but his father might have other ideas.

Following his arrival in the village in 2013, it was explained Ross was the nephew of Moira Barton (Natalie J Robb), who is the older sister of Mackenzie.

Although the brother and sister didn’t have contact for years, Ross still might have had an inkling from his auntie her sibling was trouble.

However, because he never met him, there was no reason for him to be concerned but he never thought Charity would end up in a relationship with him.

When he next gets to spend time with Moses, Ross could learn all about his former lover’s new romance and he will be angry.

The village bad boy would not want his son to be raised by a thug who makes a living by stealing from people, despite his own chequered past.

Hopefully I can come back

Michael Parr

The former villager would want his son to have a great role model and therefore, he would need to make a return to the Dales to sort things out.

Being closer to the drama unravelling in the village, Ross could make an analysis himself whether Mackenzie is a good guy.

As he speaks to some of his former neighbours, he could learn Charity’s new boyfriend has caused a lot of trouble and has drawn his girlfriend into it.

This could set in plan a scheme to try and split the couple up as Ross knows if they are apart, he won’t be as concerned for his son’s wellbeing.

Watching their every move, the bad boy could discover what makes them tick and what holes there are in their relationship.

Formulating a plan, he would take advantage of this information and do his best to break them up and as they have struggled to become an official couple, they could fall right into his trap.

Knowing they can’t continue to fall in and out of love with each other, they could agree this is the end of the line.

After months of hurdles and now Ross interfering in their lives, this could finally be the end for Mackenzie and Charity.

With his job done, Ross could make another exit from the village as he returns home to his own girlfriend Rebecca.

But with concerns for his son, will he make more frequent comebacks to ensure he has the right role model to look up to?

Viewers are regularly calling for the beloved bad boy to return to the village, some eight years after he first appeared on the show.

Taking to Twitter, MikeParrSqaud wrote: “Can’t believe it’s eight years ago today since we saw Mike’s first scenes as Ross Barton in Emmerdale. What a character.”

Amy posted: “I don’t understand why Mackenzie gets so much hate when he has similar traits to Robert [Sugden] and Ross who were both very popular characters.”

Charlotte commented: “A Ross mention tonight. Big character coming back to #Emmerdale soon. What if he returns with Moses? Oh please say it’s him.”

“@MikeParrActor is great. As long as Rebecca doesn’t come back to0 #Emmerdale,” Kate shared as she commended the actor.

The actor who played Ross, Michael, has spoken out about a potential return to the show in the future following his departure in 2018.

Michael explained: “Absolutely. I’ve had the best five years here. The opportunities that this job has given me to see the world, and help friends and family, have been amazing.

“I’m going to take the plunge and become a desperate dole-y actor again but hopefully I can come back and do a little bit more.

“If I get killed off-screen, you’ll know I’ve annoyed somebody somewhere,” the soap star said in an interview with Digital Spy.

Will both the actor and character return very soon?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm.

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