Emmerdale spoilers: Belle Dingle guilt-stricken as she reunites with Jamie Tate

BELLE Dingle battles a guilty conscience as she reunites with Jamie Tate. 

Belle – who is played by Eden Taylor-Draper – was forced to choose between her family and Jamie when he confessed to running over Moira Barton.

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In an attempt to win back Belle, Jamie told her that he still loves her and that his wife Andrea is threatening to report him to the police for the hit-and-run incident if he leaves her.

But far from welcoming Jamie back into her arms, Belle was horrified by his confession and threatened to call the police. 

Belle was then left debating where her loyalties lie – with her family or Jamie.

But next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Belle shock her family by revealing her relationship with Jamie.

After calling Zak from outside, Jamie approaches Belle and promises her that they’ll be able to get Nate to keep tight-lipped about the hit-and-run. 

But Belle is well aware that Nate has promised nothing of the sort.

Later, Nate bumps into Belle and reveals Jamie tried to bribe him into keeping quiet about the gruesome hit-and-run.

Belle has a go at Jamie but he tells her that she needs to convince Nate to stay quiet – or he could ruin everything.

Later, Belle battles a guilty conscience when she sees Moira struggling with her injuries.

Will she be able to keep quiet about the accident?

And might Nate end up spilling the beans for her?

Speaking earlier this month on Good Morning Britain about Belle's reaction to Jamie’s confession: "Belle's been unlucky in love she seems to have really loved Jamie.

"So tonight it's his confession of love and around Moira and Belle says either you go to the police or I'll go to the police.

"It's family it doesn't matter how much I love you, you're in the wrong.

"This puts her in a situation where she can either have her family or she can have Jamie Tate, she can't have both."

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