Emmerdale spoilers: Liv Flaherty diagnosed with epilepsy as she suffers devastating seizure leaving Vinny panic stricken

LIV Flaherty is diagnosed with epilepsy in the New Year. 

The teen – who’s played by Isobel Steele in the ITV soap – has been keeping her seizures secret from her family for months. 

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But Emmerdale viewers know that Vinny’s dad Paul Ashdale discovered Liv’s secret after she threatened to reveal his gambling relapse.

The pair agreed to keep each other’s secret after Liv suffered a seizure in front of him, but Paul was left fearing for Liv’s health when he spotted her taking driving lessons in recent scenes and vowed to reveal the truth to Aaron.

And now it has been revealed that episodes of Emmerdale set to air in the New Year will see Liv diagnosed with epilepsy. 

Viewers will see Aaron beside himself at the news and panic the next day when Liv reveals she’s organised a kayaking trip for him and Ben. 

Aaron heads off despite his concerns about leaving Liv on her own. 

Meanwhile, Liv starts having a seizure and Vinny panics, calling Paul. 

When Paul arrives, he calls an ambulances before trying to calm Vinny down. 

Aaron notices a bunch of missed calls from Vinny and races to the hospital, where Vinny tells him seeing Liv isn’t a good idea. 

Aaron then threatens Vinny, demanding he move out of Mill Cottage. 

Paul squares up to Aaron and stands up for Vinny, but will Aaron change his mind?

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