Emmerdale’s evil paedo Maya got Jacob to beat her up so she can blame his dad David in desperate bid to be together, claims new fan theory

EMMERDALE fans think evil paedophile Maya got Jacob to beat her up so she can blame his dad David.

The latest viewer theory suggests Maya wasn't the victim of a brutal attack – and instead plotted to bring down her ex.

Fans think it's Maya's desperate bid to be able to flee with teenager Jacob, until he realises that she has gone a step too far.

One said: "I think Jacob slapped Maya around so they can frame David and/or Leyla.

"It's Maya's idea and it's what eventually makes Jacob realise she's mad as a box of frogs and they wrap the whole thing up, the end."

Another said: "W/each epi I have less sympathy for Jacob, I know Maya groomed him to believe their relationship is real & ok but his snotty/nasty/bratty attitude has nothing to do w/grooming.

"He's acting like a 6yr old not 16 so I'd tell David & Leyla to treat him like one #emmerdale."

Maya returned to the 'Dales weeks after she was arrested for grooming her stepson Jacob.

But the shameful abuser was beaten up and taken to hospital – with Jacob's dad David getting the blame.

Even his own son thinks he did it, prompting an investigation by police.

David has been in turmoil ever since he discovered that the woman he was planning on proposing to had been having sex with his teenage son.

Despite not wanting to turn Jacob against him, he reported the paedo to the police and she was arrested.

It's caused a huge fallout between David and his son who is still hopelessly in love with Maya.

Actor Matthew Wolfenden recently revealed that Jacob – teenage star Joe Warren-Plant – still has a long journey ahead of him as he doesn’t think Maya has done anything wrong.

He said: "He's (Jacob) obviously devastated and thinks that David has completely ruined his life. He still wants to be with Maya and thinks they're in love.

"This is the start of the hard times for David and Jacob. The fact that Maya has been arrested is not the end of the storyline. I think it's the beginning of the next chapter.

"I don't know what's going to happen next, because as far as Jacob thinks, David has ruined his life. I don't know if he's ever going to come around to the fact that David hasn't.

"It's definitely not going to be a quick fix."

Meanwhile others don't think Maya made up the attack, saying it's too far-fetched.

Instead they think Maya's attacker is Jacob's adoptive mother Alicia who returned to "batter" the paedophile teacher.

One said: "They need Alicia back, when it comes to protecting Jacob she'd be more frightening than the rest of them put together."

Jacob is the biological son of Alicia's sister Leyla, with Alicia adopting the boy and raising him as her own.

His biological father is Justin Gallagher, but he started to see David as a father figure when he married Alicia when Jacob was young.

The character left Home Farm in 2015, moving to Portugal with Jacob, who returned to live with David a year later after becoming unhappy with his life abroad.

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