Emmerdale’s Meena downfall ‘exposed’, Cain brutal attack and devastating relapse

Emmerdale viewers have a lot to look forward to next week, as Emmerdale spoilers have let loose on what lies ahead in the not-so-quiet village.

Although she's remained sober for several weeks, Liv Flaherty relapses leaving Aaron Dingle and Ben Tucker stunned and horrified. But has she gone too far this time?

Ben is also in a precarious situation of his own after he discovers incriminating evidence that could put Meena Jutla behind bars and clear him from blame from the incident that took place in survival week.

However things don't exactly go to plan when Meena turns up. Will Ben still be able to share what he's found out with others in the village?

Elsewhere, Cain takes matters into his own hands and attacks Al Chapman. But has he gone too far this time?

Shock relapse

Ben is left furious when Liv admits she tried to sabotage his new job prospects in Cornwall by providing the company with a bad reference.

Disgusted and shocked at her behaviour, Aaron leaves Liv feeling awful.

After feeling the pressure and feeling hurt with what she's done, Liv can’t help but look to the bottles of alcohol, tempted by the promise of numbing her ongoing pain.

The temptation finally gets the better of Liv and she takes a drink from a bottle of vodka. Not long after she’s clearly off the wagon.

Not long after Aaron tells Ben he’s ready to move away from Emmerdale with him if need be. Feeling pleased with his admission, the pair share a kiss.

But when they return to Mill Cottage, they discover that Liv has relapsed.

Feeling angered and frustrated, Aaron declares he’s done with picking up the pieces for her.

Seeing that Aaron has lost his cool with her, Liv’s in despair, fearing she’s driven her brother away for good this time.

Meena downfall 'exposed'

After discovering that he hasn't got the job he applied for due to the survival challenge disaster that took place several weeks ago, Ben is feeling rather anxious.

Knowing that Jai Sharma is trying to pin the blame on him, Ben convinces Aaron Dingle to keep Jai distracted while he goes to the HOP to find some evidence to clear his name.

While at the HOP, Laurel Thomas is shocked to find Ben and Liv Flaherty at each other’s throats over Aaron but she’s even more disappointed when Ben reveals Liv’s drunk at work and decides to send her home.

Having broken into HOP's office Ben is unsure of what to do next as he fails to uncover any new evidence on the bridge collapse.

Searching around the premises, Ben finally turns to the body camera and is horrified as he watches the footage of Meena Jutla attempting to drown Victoria Sugden.

Ben quickly calls Billy Fletcher and begs him to come to the HOP immediately to also witness the disturbing footage.

But Billy refuses to come to HOP as he is angered by an altercation they previously had.

However, unbeknown to Ben, Meena is sitting with Billy and has heard everything about the potentially incriminating evidence.

Meanwhile back at the HOP, Ben is interrupted by a noise and finds Liv amongst smashed wine bottles as she drunkenly steals booze from the Hide.

Seeing that she is in a drunken state, Ben orders her home, unaware they are both being watched by another intruder.

Even though he tries to smooth things over with Liv Ben’s left regretful after the continued confrontation with her turns physical and she ends up leaving with his phone in her hand.

Not long after murderer Meena shows leaving Ben surprised and unnerved when he sees her smiling in the office.

Trying her best to grab the camera out of his hand, Meena lunges at Ben but fails to wrestle it from him. In a quick flash, Ben manages to escape.

Trying to ensure the evidence doesn't make it out of the office, Meena chases after Ben but slips in the wine Liv spilled earlier.

Crashing to the floor, Meena's body lies lifeless. Panicked by the quick change of events, Ben is unsure what to do.

But will he still decide to give the evidence to the police?

Cain brutal attack

Though he has been working closely with Chas to try and hopefully make money for the faily Woolpack, Al has clearly caught feelings for her and tells the landlady how much he wants her.

While alone it looks like the pair are very close to sharing a passionate kiss but Marlon interrupts them before anything happens.

Knowing that he walked into a potentially sensual moment, Marlon demands answers, but Chas is adamant nothing’s going on between them.

Concerned about what Al has planned, Marlon later approaches Al and threatens him, should he ever come between Chas and Paddy.

Seeing the scene unfold from a distance, Cain observes the altercation.

Later on Marlon briefs curious Cain on the situation and Cain is vengeful, determined to stop Al from getting any further with his sister Chas.

The following day, an unseen Cain jumps Al and drags him towards a van located nearby.

Meanwhile back at the Woolpack, Al’s sudden disappearance causes Marlon to crack and tell Chas about Cain’s plans for revenge on businesman Al.

Once she hears what Cain is up to, Chas abruptly shoots off to put a stop to whatever Cain plans to do.

Feeling confused, Paddy starts asking around about his wife’s whereabouts but Marlon covers for her and doesn't reveal what's going on.

Not long after Cain transports Al to a nearby barn and he starts to intimidate him while pretending to hold a gun to his chest.

Feeling angered, Cain hints at the intensity of what he’s got in store for Al and his anxiety starts to rise. But will Chas be able to stop Cain before he goes too far?

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