Escape to the Chateau’s Dick Strawbridge explains ‘ridiculous’ purchase ‘It’s invasive’

Dick Strawbridge's window's are 'causing him pain'

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Escape To The Chateau’s Dick Strawbridge and his wife Angel Adoree have been taking advantage of the spring weather by spending more time outdoors. To keep their fans in the loop, Angel shared a video of Dick working on their walled garden where he was filmed planting a “ridiculous” purchase. 

Angel and Dick have been tirelessly renovating a dilapidated 19th Century chateau in France into a dream home and idyllic wedding and events venue. 

Channel 4 viewers have been following the couple’s ambitious mission to transform a total of 45 rooms as well as maintain and improve acres of land on their popular programme Escape To The Chateau. 

While the show is not currently airing on the channel, Angel has posted updates about their outdoor progress on their website. 

In her latest video, she filmed Dick preparing to plant one of their family’s “favourite ingredients” in the spring sunshine. 

As Angel filmed Dick unpacking a bag of compost, she said: “This is quite a nice angle with the chateau behind you. 

“Dorothy is birdwatching on the patio, dad’s eating mum’s muffin bread.” 

Dick interjected: “It’s a muffin loaf, it’s really good.” 

As he was digging into the ground Angel asked more about what her husband was planting wild garlic for.

She asked: “Will that grow into lots and lots of wild garlic forever?”

Angel panned the camera on the wild garlic which Dick was about to plant and said it looked nice. 

Dick laughed: “It is nice, but it’s ridiculous to buy it.” 

Angel asked: “Is that because it’s everywhere in Cornwall?”

However, Dick explained it was a ridiculous purchase “because it’s a weed”. 

He added: “It’s an invasive thing but then if you haven’t got any or cannot get access to it, being invasive doesn’t matter.” 

Angel admitted she had never tasted wild garlic and appeared excited Dick had decided to start growing it on their land. 

The Channel 4 star asked her husband: “I know I have tasted it in cooking but what is the edible bit?”

Dick explained all of it was edible including the bulb, the flower and the leaves before giving her a small flower to taste. 

After eating the flower Angel said: “That is lovely, it has the bite, oh Arthur is going to love that. Wow.” 

Dick could not believe the plants cost €1 each and hoped they would soon grow in the sunlight. 

Escape To The Chateau episodes are available to watch on All4. 

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