Every. Single. Spoiler. from Clare and Tayshia's Wild 'Bachelorette' Season

As pretty much the entire internet already knows, this is the most dramatic season of The Bachelorette ever due to Clare Crawley being unexpectedly replaced by Tayshia Adams—and ABC has yet to explain ANYTHING. Like, this has been me for the past three months:

So yeah, the time has come to round up every spoiler that exists online (mostly courtesy of Reality Steve, bless him) about what the f*ck happens from now ’til the end of this season. Starting with some indisputable facts:

1) Clare Quit the Bachelorette for Dale Moss

I mean…Clare leaving is a universal truth at this point, but here’s a lil background in case ya still need: In July, a Reddit post shared by Reality Steve claimed production was having “problems” with Clare, and that Tayshia Adams had been called in to replace her.

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