FYI: There Are Major Differences Between 'Selling Sunset' and Its New Spinoff, 'Selling the OC'

Summer might almost be over (sorry to be the bearer of bad news here!), but you know what will make you feel like the sunshine will last forever? Watching hours upon hours of TV all about southern California real estate, duh!

With the latest season of Selling Sunset having come and gone, there couldn’t be a better time for its latest spinoff: Selling the OC. The drama-filled, extravagant-outfit-wearing, mansion-selling Oppenheim Group is growing, and they’re expanding a reality TV empire right alongside it. TBH, I’ve never been more excited about anything in my life.

The release of Selling the OC is just mere moments away, so here’s everything we know about it so far.

So what exactly is Selling the OC about?

Okay so by this point, we’re all very familiar with Selling Sunset, right? Well, Selling the OC is the latest spinoff set in, you guessed it, the OC. It follows Jason Oppenheim as he opens up a second office for his real estate brokerage, The Oppenheim Group, in Orange County, California, which just so happens to be one of the bougiest areas in the entire state. We’re talking stunning beachfront mansion after stunning beachfront mansion here, people!

No shocker here, but in the trailer for the show, there are tons of sweeping shots of gorgeous Newport Beach homes, scenes of agents closing deals on homes that most of us could only dream of stepping foot in, aaaand a whole lot of drama. (Who could have seen that coming?! Certainly not I.) It also looks like these agents drink wine and party on boats even more than they sell houses, and honestly that’s the kind of job I think we all deserve.

Who are the OC agents?

Selling the OC is bringing us a whole new roster of Oppenheim Group agents. So even though that means we *won’t* be seeing Christine Quinn bring over-the-top drama or Davina Potratz hustling to sell the $50 million house, it also means we’ll get to dive into a new pile of sticky office politics. From the trailer, it looks like there’s cutthroat competition…and perhaps office romance??

There are 11 new Oppenheim agents in season 1 (so a bit of a bigger cast than we’re used to with Selling Sunset), including interior-designer-turned-realtor Alexandra Hall, seasoned real estate pro Sean Palmieri, and absolute powerhouse model/attorney/realtor Alexandra Jarvis. Looking at the roster, she isn’t the only cast member who models (TBH, a lot of them do) so I’m thinking we should buckle up for absolutely fire looks. Also, three of the agents are named Alexandra, so that should make remembering their names easier.

These agents will also be a bit different than who we’re used to seeing on Selling Sunset because they aren’t an all-female crew. But of course since it’s Jason’s office, we’ll be seeing plenty of him on the show too.

When and where can I watch Selling the OC?

Amazing news: you barely have to wait before drooling over all of the dreamy (and expensive!) Orange County mansions. Selling the OC episodes are dropping on Netflix on August 24 (aka this week!!), so this is your official warning to start asking your family, friends, coworkers, exes, or literally anyone else for their login. Trust us, you’re gonna want to watch every single episode the second they’re released.


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