Gavin and Stacey's Ruth Jones and Joanna Page are all smiles as they film Christmas special

GAVIN and Stacey's Ruth Jones and Joanna Page were all smiles as they filmed the sitcom's Christmas special.

The two women have resumed their roles as Nessa and Stacey respectively, after almost a 10-year absence from our screens.

As filming continued at the show's Barry Island location, Joanna could be seen dressed in a festive green dress and cardigan while Ruth donned a typical Nessa ensemble consisting of a short black skirt, off the shoulder red top, lace tights and knee high boots.

The co-stars smiled and waved to the crowds of fans who have descended on the area to watch filming before focusing on their next scene.

Later, Joanna, 42, switched into a pair of jeans and a red animal print jumper, adding a green puffer coat with a fur trimmed hood to continue filming.

The actress beamed as she joined forces with co-star Rob Brydon, who plays Uncle Bryn.

Rob, 54, wore a classic Bryn outfit consisting of beige trousers and a grey patterned cardigan over a shirt and tie.

The actor was then seeing doing some funny moves as he crossed the street, while in another scene, he sprinted across the road in his pyjamas and dressing gown.

Fans of the show appear to have been given their first glimpse at Neil, the baby, all grown up.

In the new shots, three children are front-and-centre in one of the scenes with Joanna and Rob, two little girls and one slightly older boy.

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The boy appears to be around 11 years old, which would make him the appropriate age to play the character, who was born in the dramatic finale of the sitcom's second season.

Neil was the result of a steamy affair between Nessa and Smithy [James Corden], and he was named after both of their fathers, with Neil also being Smithy's first name.

The two girls in the photo could well be the children of the show's title characters, with the series ending on New Year's Day 2010 as Gavin [Mat Horne] and Stacey learned that they are expecting a child of their own.

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