Georgia Harrison hits back after being blasted for claiming she lost 5kg in just one week

GEORGIA Harrison has hit back at her critics after she was slammed for revealing her recent weight loss.

The 26-year-old has now deleted the post in which she claimed she had lost five kg in just one week – admitting she made a mistake and meant five lbs. Five kg is around 11lbs.

Explaining her decision, she told her followers: "Took down my last post because people are just such keyboard warriors that it gave me anxiety but 1 I wasn't paid to promote anything in that post I was just proud of my personal results and 2 I don't think weight loss should be seen as a negative if done in a healthy way with exercise and healthy food (sic).

"Should people not be allowed to loose weight?"

"I spent the week training, eating healthy and walking everywhere instead of getting taxis when I go to healthy bootcamp's for a week or two it's no different.

"Yes weightloss tablets, starving yourself and eating disorders are unhealthy but exercise, protein and electrolytes really aren't.”

She added:  "Omg reading my dms and also realised I put 5kg but I meant LB [laughing emojis]

"But still I'm sure people will still have a problem with that was in flight so didn't read it before xx".

Speaking on video as she flew to LA, Georgia revealed she had been getting lots of nasty comments, including lots of people saying she had an eating disorder.

She said:  "I've got so many people saying 'just because you're not underweight doesn't mean you don't have an eating disorder'.

"That's the sort of thing that would give someone an eating disorder, it's rude and it's upsetting.

"And I think that people need to be more careful of what they write, to be honest."

Yesterday, former Towie star Maria Fowler was one of the first to hit out at Georgia’s post. 

The 34-year-old commented on her post: "Sorry, you seem like a lovely girl but this is so irresponsible for your young following. 

"Eating disorders are rife and social media only adds to that pressure. I know you probably don't realise this as I'm sure you wouldn't have done it intentionally."

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